Glance Your Way To a Better T20 Fan Fest Experience On Samsung

Featured Image - Glance Your Way To a Better T20 Fan Fest Experience On Samsung

Passion is the name of the game when it comes to T20 fans. We’re as dedicated to following the sport as its players are to making it an entertaining affair. So it should come as no surprise that your handy smart lock screen now offers real-time updates on your favorite teams and players so you never miss a single beat ever again.

If you're a Samsung phone user, you can get all the latest news and scores right on your lock screen with Glance.

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Making the Most Out of Glance on Samsung

Glance takes your existing Samsung phone to the next level by bringing all your essentials to your lock screen. With just a glance, you’ll be up-to-date on all things cricket with all the latest updates. Whether you’re just casually keeping score or are stuck in a meeting and can’t watch the match live, Glance will make sure you stay in the loop. But Glance is elevating that experience even further with live shows, chat sessions, exclusive games, shopping deals, and so much more. They don’t call it cricket mania for nothing!

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Never Miss a Beat With Real-Time Sports Updates

One of the best features of Glance is its real-time sports updates. Whichever sport you happen to be a fan of, we’ve got you covered. You can get live scores, news, and updates right on your lock screen without having to open any apps. T20 is one of the most fast-paced iterations of the sport and it’s pretty easy to lose track of what’s going on. With live updates to keep you up-to-speed, every little detail stays on your radar.

With Glance on Samsung, you will also stay on top of any major news, whether it be a massive upset that puts your team ahead or opinion pieces on how IPL is changing the way cricket is played around the world.

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The Ultimate Cricket Fan Experience

Glance’s T20 Fan Fest delivers a unique, immersive fan experience catering to South and Southeast Asia. It includes over 30 cricket-related shows, including expert analyses and breakdowns and ranging all the way to astrology predictions.

There’s something for everyone, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Live Streaming and More

For the advanced T20 fan that enjoys dissecting the game, stream your favorite cricket commentary channels directly from your home screen through Glance. Unlock the secrets of each play, pick apart which team has the advantage, and make your bets on who will emerge victorious.

Glance also allows you to access creator-led short videos if you prefer to consume your information in shorter bites.

Get Up Close and Personal With Your Team

Glance offers personalised updates to get you closer to your favorite teams and players. In partnership with T20 Adda, Glance gives you access to pre- and post-match shows, commentaries, and predictions. The Fan Fest also delivers more intimate live chat sessions with cricketers, so you can truly understand the heart of the game.

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A Front-Row Seat to the Game

In addition to partnering with T20 Adda and offering real-time IPL updates, Glance has also partnered with IPL teams to get you in-depth access to live net practices. It’s like having your own special VIP pass to get behind-the scenes of the action.

Reminisce on the Good Old Days

The Fan Fest event isn’t just limited to this round. Industry stalwarts grace us with their presence and regale us with tales of T20s past, with shows like “The Alternate View” with sports commentator Jamie Alter and “T20 Fan Wars” with creators Nachiket Pardeshi, Rohit Juglan, and Shashank Yagnik.

The Fan Fest also delivers shows like “Match Trivia” for you to test your cricket knowledge for a chance to win daily prizes.

The Game of Champions

Of course, things can get pretty heated across the fandoms. Make sure to use Glance on Samsung to cool off between debates and access a variety of entertainment and games, all directly from your home screen. No downloads, no excessive data or memory usage, and no overheating phones. Pure hassle-free entertainment, right on your lock screen.

And speaking of games, Glance lets you access over 500 games without ever needing to download one. Looking for cricket or sports-based games to play during a strategic timeout? Glance on Samsung has you covered.

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Stay on Track

Keep track of the match schedules, timings, changes to line-ups, and so much more with personalised updates through Glance on Samsung phones. After all, no one wants to show up the match at the local pub with egg on their face.

Get News and Weather Updates

If you’ve followed cricket long enough, you’ll come to learn that good weather and calm seas make a pretty big difference to the game. With Glance’s news headlines and weather updates delivered straight to your lock screen, you’ll be on the ball with everything relevant to your game.

You can also stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world outside of cricket so you don’t emerge from your T20 cocoon asking what day it is and who won the latest elections.

Glance News Dust Storm

Customize Your Lock Screen

T20 is love, T20 is life. And our adoration for the sport does not end on the pitch. Glance lets you customize your lock screen with different themes and wallpapers. You can choose from a variety of themes that match your style and personality.
And with the "Wallpapers and themes" option in the settings, you can easily change your lock screen to reflect your intense love for T20 and use it as your Bat-Signal anytime you’re looking for your fellow fans in a crowded space.

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Hitting on All Sixes

Glance is a smart lock screen that offers a lot of amazing features, including real-time sports updates, customizations, and news and weather updates. And that’s just some of the many ways it can improve your life and make it easier than ever to access everything you need.

So what are you waiting for? Customize Glance on your Samsung right now and stay updated on all things T20 today.

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How to Turn Off Glance on Samsung

Glance may be a powerful way to make the most of your phone, but with great power comes the understanding that not everyone is going to want a smarter lock screen. To Turn off Glance in samsung, visit FAQs Glance for Samsung.

Change is great, and most things are temporary. So feel free to turn Glance back on whenever you’re ready!

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