Reimagining Surfaces: Revolutionizing Consumer experience on Smart phones
The future of consumer engagement lies in reimagining Surfaces as the core of intelligent device interactions. The role of AI-powered surfaces becomes increasingly pivotal in delivering a seamless and personalized smartphone experience.

From Unconscious to Intentional: Understanding consumer patterns on smart phones.

Addressing Known and Unknown Needs by reimagining smart phone experience

There has been a profound transformation in the dynamics of consumer engagement with mobile devices, evolving from the early 20th century to the present day. More than 50% of the time, user picks their phones, spontaneously, as sheer habit without knowing what to do. The recent study done by BCG, in the Report “Reimagining Smartphone Experiences”, categorises user behaviours on mobile devices, largely in 3 parts: Pre-determined, Exploratory, and Spontaneous.

Reimaginig smartphone experience

This report delves into how consumers leverage their mobile devices throughout the day to meet various known and unknown needs.

Consumer’s spontaneous moments on the phone

Citing some very interesting examples of consumer interviews, like, a professional from Jakarta, had simply searched for a trip to Bali, and from then on, was bombarded with all Bali related information across all sites, and social handles. Consumers were also vocal on doom scrolling throughout the day, without really knowing what to do or search for, during their spontaneous journey on the mobile phones.   

Consumer’s pre-determined moments on the phone

Customer's predetermine moments

Even for intent driven moments for consumers, be it window shop, or play games, or stay informed, the overwhelming number of apps - 3.5 million - has made the consumer experience lot more chaotic and convoluted.

Despite app developers' tremendous efforts to cater to diverse consumer intent driven needs, the pre-determined moments are often time taking and tedious. Consumers are now seeking innovative ways to optimize their device interactions.

The Quest for Optimization: App-less Discovery Platforms

Surfaces as a Solution: AI-Powered engine for user-app interaction

In response to the challenge of enriching personalised content and app overload, an "App-less discovery platform," recognized as "Surfaces" first by Glance and now also by BCG analysts, emerges as the key solution. These surfaces, when powered by AI, have the potential to significantly enhance the consumer journey. Imagine intelligent surfaces on smart phones, presenting content exactly when users need it the most, understanding their needs before they articulate them.

BCG in this report, have positioned Glance as the most innovative platform for consumers. This also presents a disruptive opportunity for OEMs to elevate interactions and unlock substantial monetization potential.

Surfaces today

Empowering OEMs: Monetization Potential Unleashed

Elevating consumer experiences and unlocking revenue streams

With the adoption of Smart Surfaces Technology, OEMs have experienced rapid growth in consumer engagement on their devices. This intuitive experience has increased user’s love for the device and therefore their loyalty towards the device OEM. Consumers have repeatedly showered their interest on the surface experience and demonstrated positive feelings towards this surface platform. This presents a unique opportunity for OEMs to redefine consumer engagement, loyalty and capitalize on the evolving landscape of smartphone interactions.

Conclusion: The Future of Consumer Engagement

Reimagining surfaces as the core of intelligent device interactions

In conclusion, the future of consumer engagement lies in reimagining surfaces as the core of intelligent device interactions. As consumers continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of content consumption, the role of AI-powered surfaces becomes increasingly pivotal in delivering a seamless and personalized smartphone experience. Are you ready to rise to the surface?