How is Glance – Smart Lock Screen different from other apps?

  • No download & unlock needed, get personalized content on your lock screen.
  • User base of 233 million individuals worldwide who have embraced Glance's innovative features.
  • Glance offers a uniquely personalized content experience. Users can seamlessly navigate through various categories, tailoring the lock screen content to their liking, whether it's sports, gaming, news, shopping, or live trends. Glance ensures that users are presented with content that aligns precisely with their interests.
  • Taking user safety to heart, Glance goes the extra mile by incorporating child safety features. The activation of the child lock by parents puts a daily time limit on using Glance.
  • Glance's support for multiple languages allowing users from diverse regions and backgrounds to enjoy content in their preferred language. This global approach further establishes Glance as a platform that caters to a broad and varied audience.
  • What truly sets Glance apart is its unwavering commitment to user privacy, standing as a beacon of trustworthiness by collecting no personal data, ensuring a secure and confidential experience for its vast and growing community.
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