How is Glance Smart Lock Screen different from other apps?

The Glance Smart Lock Screen makes your existing smartphone smarter! How, you ask? This lock screen enables you to navigate through your phone without actually having to unlock it. This is not just time-saving but also helps with easy accessibility to various screens and apps. 

If that wasn't cool enough, check out what more the Glance Smart Lock Screen can do:  

  • Every time you lock your screen, you're going to enter a customised world of what you want to see. You can browse from multiple categories, based on your preferences.
  • There is also the option of selecting the preferred language.
  • If that wasn't enough, your Glance Smart Lock Screen also allows you to watch, join, and interact on LIVE shows with your favourite celebrities. You can get the latest updates on your favourite shows, games, current events, etc., right on your lock screen! Be sure of having FOMO no more when you explore the Glance Smart Lock Screen!
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