What are the Features of Glance?

Stay Updated with News on Glance

Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time news and trends. Glance smart lock screen delivers the latest happenings straight to your lock screen, so you're always in the know. Get breaking news, top stories, and need-to-know information from trusted sources around the world. Local, national, and global coverage ensures you never miss important updates no matter where you are. With just a glance, catch up on politics, business, tech, sports, entertainment, and more. Customise your newsfeed to prioritize the topics and sources you care about most.

Sports Enthusiast's Paradise on Glance

For sports lovers, Glance ensures you never miss a thrilling sports moment. Stay updated on scores, stats, trades, injuries, and news from your favourite teams and leagues. Even catch live play-by-play commentary, video highlights, and insider analysis—all from your lock screen. Plus, enjoy exclusive live appearances by sports legends and celebs. Glance keeps fans connected to the action.

Gaming Bonanza on Glance

Gamers, this one's for you! Access a treasure trove of over 500+ free games instantly on Glance. No downloads are needed! Jump right into arcade, puzzle, sports, action, strategy, and more. New games are added daily to ensure you'll never get bored. Compete on leaderboards and unlock achievements for bragging rights. Plus, enjoy live streaming of top esports gamers, interviews with gaming influencers, and the buzz around new title releases. Level up your lock screen gaming experience.

Shop Trends on Glance

Need a quick retail therapy session? Glance offers a shortcut to the hottest trends and best deals so you can shop smarter. Discover clothing, accessories, electronics, home goods, and more—all conveniently from your lock screen. Get notifications about sales, coupon codes, and promotions from your favourite brands. Check product reviews and ratings at a glance before you buy. Whether you're looking for a special gift or the next item to add to your wardrobe, let Glance be your personal shopper.

Live Shows on Glance

Dive into the world of live entertainment, where celebs, creators, and a vibrant community await. Join game shows, talent competitions, concerts, and more in real time. Answer trivia, vote for performers, request songs and be part of the action—all without unlocking your phone. The fun goes on 24/7. With Glance, you have front-row access to live entertainment in the palm of your hand.

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