How to disable Glance in Samsung Phone?

Glance transforms your lock screen from a static image into a dynamic hub of information and entertainment. Before you move on to learn how to disable Glance in Samsung, let us remind you how it seamlessly integrates the best of the internet, offering a convenient gateway to:

  1. Stay Informed: Glance News keeps you updated on the latest trends in sports, music, technology, entertainment, and tourism through engaging and curated articles. These benefits should convince you enough to get back into engaging with Glance content, unless you have already understood how to disable Glance in Samsung.
  2. Shop Smarter: Discover trending products and shop directly from Glance, saving you time and effort. If these amazing features have not managed to convince you enough, you can go ahead and peacefully learn how to disable Glance in Samsung.
  3. Fuel Your Passions: Hold on before you read ahead on how to disable Glance in Samsung. Let us remind you that you can dive deeper into your interests with exclusive content - entertainment enthusiasts can find insights on upcoming releases, reviews, behind-the-scenes stories, and celebrity interviews. If you have still decided to figure out how to disable Glance in Samsung, we will not stop you from doing so!

Just a friendly reminder before you learn about how to disable Glance in Samsung. Glance personalizes its content based on your interests, ensuring a constant stream of relevant and inspiring information at your fingertips!

Glance: Your Lock Screen, Evolved

Whether you want to stay informed, explore new trends, or simply discover entertaining content, Glance offers a unique way to interact with your phone. There’s always something fresh waiting in store for you before you know how to disable Glance in Samsung.

So are you ready to personalize your lock screen experience? Glance is easily customizable to fit your preferences. (Instructions for disabling Glance can be found on your device's settings menu.)

Steps on how to disable Glance in Samsung device:

  1. Step 1: Open Settings: Access the Settings app on your Samsung device, scroll down, and tap "Wallpaper and style."
  2. Step 2: Change Wallpapers: Tap on "Change wallpapers" to proceed.
  3. Step 3: Access Wallpaper Services: Choose "Wallpaper services" from the available options. Locate and tap on the Glance option.
  4. Step 4: Choose "None": Within Glance settings, select the "None" option to remove Glance from the lock screen.
  5. Step 5: Exit Settings: After choosing "None," exit the settings menu. Glance will no longer appear on your Samsung device's lock screen.
  6. Step 6: By following these steps, you can successfully learn how to disable Glance in Samsung, allowing you to customize your lock screen wallpaper without this feature.
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