Piyush Shah
Co-Founder, InMobi

Piyush is a Co-founder at InMobi, and President & COO at Glance, an AI-driven lock screen platform. Glance has redefined the way users discover content and commerce on the internet and is one of Asia’s fastest growing platforms. Piyush plays an integral role in driving the overall vision, strategy, and execution that makes Glance the most ubiquitous lock screen platform in the world. Glance has pioneered personalized, AI-driven content, live entertainment commerce, and gaming on the lock screen, making it a place where users experience the best of the internet without searching, downloading any apps, or even unlocking their phones. Previously, he spearheaded building InMobi Marketing Cloud into a world-class product organization by leading the product and user experience teams as Chief Product Officer. He also led InMobi's performance advertising business, developer platforms initiatives and TruFactor from 0 to 1. In 2017, Piyush was recognized as one of the 40 hottest young business leaders under 40 in India by The Economic Times, one of the country’s biggest financial dailies.  Piyush has been a passionate entrepreneur since the age of 19 when he began his very first venture in the education space, for which he was recognized by Business World magazine as one of India’s Innovative Youth Entrepreneurs. Prior to his tenure at InMobi and Glance, Piyush worked at Deutsche Bank and Citigroup.

Currently, he is an active investor for 20+ startups, focused on new-age enterprise SaaS, India-focused consumer tech, EdTech, and the HealthTech space. He envisions making India the global destination for visionary entrepreneurship. Piyush has long been a mentor in the startup community. Not only has he been a driving force in achieving great business results, but also in growing the Indian startup ecosystem sustainably, ensuring innovative ambitions result in fuller, more meaningful lives for all.  Piyush has an MBA in Strategy and Marketing from the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB), and a Bachelors in Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.