With Glance, the lock screen is no longer just a gateway to the world inside a phone for Indonesians; it’s a destination in itself

As the world of Glance grows, so does our understanding of what makes our consumers tick, and what doesn’t. Whether it’s The All Ladies Gaming Tournament in Indonesia that garnered a total of 98,000 total watch hours, or the episodic content that attracted more than a million users - Glance is helping its users break out of the ordinary and enter a world that gives them joy. This report provides insights into the world of Glance and how it is impacting the lives of the Indonesian consumers. Whether you are a smartphone maker looking to convert your consumers into fans, a brand trying to connect with consumers and narrate your story, a game developer trying to understand gamers, a creator seeking fans, or a publisher looking for an audience, this report is for you. So, go ahead and download the report!

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