Oct 16, 2023

Bigg Boss 17: Where 'Dimaag' Meets Strategy with Glance Integration

Featured Image - Bigg Boss 17

Greetings, Bigg Boss Fanatics! 

It's Big Boss 17, knocking at your doors. Are you READY? It's new, it's smart, it's Glancified! That's right, you heard it, Glance smart lock screen, presents to you- Big Boss 17! Are you excited? Because we are! We are excited to bring you an exclusive backstage pass to the dazzling world of Bigg Boss 17! A backstage pass; did you hear that right? Yes, you did! More about it, later in the article. 

What's more? Why's it worth a read? There's a deal, from us to you. Glance Lock screen isn't here to only offer you a glimpse; we're your gateway to becoming a Bigg Boss expert. Be a strategist, a true connoisseur of the 'Dimaag' game in Big Boss 17 in its Dil, Dimaag, and Dum theme. 

The deeper you go into this article, it will get difficult for you to count the treats. Yes. Till now, you only know the "what?" As you will near the end, you'll know "the how" and "the why?" Think of Glance as your secret to cracking the Big Boss 17 Strategy. Choosing Glance smart lock screen will be choosing to be hooked throughout the entire season. So, why wait? Your journey into the 'Dimaag' of Bigg Boss 17 starts here. Trust us, you won't want to miss a single moment! 

Glance Smart Lock Screen: Your Big Boss 17 Side-Kick

There are twists and turns in Big Boss more than the roads on the hills; very difficult to navigate. But, what happens when you have a trustworthy ally by your side? That's exactly what Glance Smart Lock Screen is for you! That's right Glance, in the exhilarating world of Bigg Boss 17, is:

  • your loyal side-kick
  • your behind-the-scenes informant
  • your ultimate strategy companion

"A friend can do that too. That's nothing new." Oh, but there is! Glance Smart Lock screen doesn't get tired, doesn't throw tantrums, best part - it's on your side, forever! (No shades thrown on Friends, y'all are great!) 

When you partner with your Glance smart lock screen, you get: 

  • tailored updates,  
  • exclusive insights, and  
  • interactive tasks. 

More on it, in the following sections! Keep reading on how Glance has Glancified Big Boss 17!  

Glance with Big Phone in Bigg Boss 17: A Revolution Where Dimaag Meets Strategy

Glance lock screen has always stood by something different. And what's more different than a phone in Bigg Boss House? Former contestants are jealous and the current ones are excited! What will Glance smart lock screen do there? Bigger in size, the bigger its responsibilities! The smart lock screen will be on display in the strategy room. It'll flash as always, news/tips, only they will be straight from the Bigg Boss 17 house! Exciting, right? But, that's not all, there's a treat for everyone, keep reading, and keep collecting!  

Glance Features: Tailored Bigg Boss 17 Buffs, Like Never Before!

Glance Smart Lock screen has always believed in something different. There's always a buff where there's Glance. Nothing different when talking of its integration with Bigg Boss 17. Is your question, "Which features enhance your Big Boss experience?" Then we have your answer. 

Glance, not your average screen saver; is your VIP ticket to the Bigg Boss extravaganza. Every feature in Glance is involved. Right from seeing Big Boss updates in the updates section to quizzes and polls on Big Boss contestants and strategies. Tagging along will be Glance Live, Buzz section, etc. 

What's the purpose? The purpose is to keep you in the loop, help you strategize like a pro, and let your 'Dimaag' guide you through the game. 

Big Boss 17 Scoop: Interactive, Informative, Glancified!

Like Glance will make your favorite Salman Khan's interaction with Big Boss 17 contestants, it will do the same for you! Glance smart lock screen is here to transform your Bigg Boss experience, for the better! "What's your favorite contestant up to?," Who's plotting against whom?" What happened in this week's eviction?" Glance will bring it all to you! 

Scoops of Big Boss 17, without any search, brought on your lock screen for you! You won't just be informed; we're making sure you're at the forefront of the game, making intelligent opinions like a true Bigg Boss strategist.

Glance Smart Lock Screen: Your Personalized Big Boss 17 Hub!

If you ever wished Bigg Boss was tailored just for you, Glance heard you! Every update, news, task, and piece of gossip about Bigg Boss 17, on the Glance lock screen will be personalized, just for you! 

Your 'Dimaag' deserves the best! With the Glance lock screen, get a customized Bigg Boss journey. The journey will match your unique tastes and preferences! 

Glance Smart Lock Screen presents Big Boss 17: A Match Made in Entertainment Heaven

Glance smart lock screen and Big Boss 17; the ultimate union of entertainment! There's Glance, in every fabric of Big Boss 17, your favorite TV reality show. The question remains, "Why should you care?" Well, a good question, you should care, because, Glance wants YOU to enjoy the best Bigg Boss season ever! 

Dear Bigg Boss audience, you don't have to be a mere spectator anymore. But, you can be much more a part of Bigg Boss than you ever were! How? By the seamless fusion of technology and entertainment that Glance gets you. Your 'Dimaag' is not just our focus; it's the heart of our innovation.  

The electrifying world of Bigg Boss is open for you to explore. Right at your home, on your Glance smart lock screen! You'll have a backstage pass to all the drama, strategies, and surprises on Big Boss 17. Check out the Glance lock screen NOW for your entertainment experience, to transcend boundaries. As much as giving you a front-row seat to the 'Dimaag' of the action! Glance brings 3 Glance users that golden ticket! We said it, you have the chance to make your dreams come true! 

Note: This had to be said here. Glance smart lock screen users, be attentive to everything that's happening on your lock screen. Keep updated, YOU have a chance to win a MEET with⁠→Salman Khan.  

For more information, you will need to read ahead, and don't forget to turn on your Glance smart lock screen! 

LIVE Destination: Discover, Engage, Conquer!

There it is "Discover, Engage, Conquer!" It's not just about participating; it's about unleashing your "Dimaag." You have to take on exhilarating challenges, and let your intelligence shine amidst the Bigg Boss 17 chaos. 

Are you excited to participate in the contests? Keep a watch out for LIVE Destinations right on your Glance smart lock screen! Like a true strategist. Engage, excel, and triumph – all in real-time, all with Glance!

Don't wait, turn on Glance on your lock screen, now! Link to the process– here!