Never Get Bored: Discover New Games Every Day on Glance Lock Screen

Featured Image - Discover New Games Every Day on Glance Lock Screen

Have you ever heard of a way to play games without even unlocking your phone? You read that correctly. Gaming on smartphone lock screens is a new frontier that Glance has helped to pave the way for. That means you'll have access to hundreds of games every time you pick up your phone. That's fascinating, right?

If you have no idea about what the Glance lock screen is, then keep reading. Glance is a built-in smart lock screen that provides access to content across 19 categories. If you're bored with the same old wallpaper on your phone, Glance has you covered with its ever-changing collection of original artwork for various phone models.

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The Innovative Gaming Approach

Nobody could have imagined playing so many games on the lock screen without searching and installing them. Glance is committed to doing a lot for the gamer on its platform with this fresh perspective. If you think Glance is a simple wallpaper app, then you are wrong. It's a collection of media with the added bonus of knowledge. Now, Android users may pick up their phones and play their favourite games on the go. Glance offers a gaming experience unlike any other; it's faster, exciting, and free.

As a Glance user, you may access a variety of games, including racing games, action games, adventure games, and puzzle games, all from the lock screen. A quick swipe will take you to Glance's gaming section, where you may enjoy a wide selection of games. The best part is that there is zero cost involved in trying out any of these games. Nostra, its in-house gaming platform, is in charge of offering games for Glance.

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Nostra Gaming Platform

Nostra, formerly known as Glance Gaming, is currently serving hundreds of the best games to millions of users across the globe. The number of people who use the platform each month to play games on their Glance lock screens has recently surpassed 75 million. Just 25% of those 75 million are regular users who tune in to watch or compete in esports contests live. Additionally, by 2024, it is predicted that 200 million people will be actively playing video games each month.

Further, Nostra could soon be available on a wide variety of other mobile devices. The result will be hundreds of games designed specifically for use on lock screens. At Nostra, you can play games of varied types without downloading any additional software. Get ready to check out new games, and watch out for new ones at Glance. Because of this, you can play with other gamers from anywhere in the world. There are high chances of new fantastic games coming in future.

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How to Access Nostra or Glance Gaming

The process of accessing games on Nostra Glance is simple and straightforward. You may try out games and have your phone unlocked without going anywhere. When you visit the gaming section of the Glance Store, you'll have access to hundreds of titles that may be played immediately without any preparation. Without entering your PIN or pattern, you can simply tap a game and begin playing immediately.

Let's say you tried a game from the Play Store but quickly realised it wasn't for you. The company would like you to test out Android games on your lock screen before deciding whether or not to download them. The availability of such a platform, with games at such a click, has long been a prime dream of gamers everywhere. Eventually, the Glance lock screen has come up with a solution. Just pick up the phone and instantaneously link up with millions of players all over the world.

Games Offered by Glance

Currently, Nostra Glance gaming provides access to over 500 games across a variety of genres. Your quest for a video game collection can now be considered over. On top of that, Nostra is aiming to increase its game library to over a thousand titles by releasing 600 new games across 15 categories for both its instant and Android games. Unlike other platforms, this one allows users to play quick games without having to download them beforehand.

Games offered on Glance

In the future, Nostra hopes to increase its number of daily streams, events, and collaborations with established esports organisations. In order to help aspiring athletes get found by professional teams throughout the world, the company plans to release a number of digital products that the company wholly controls.

Nostra plans to release a unified suite that can assist the world's best gamers in expanding the lock screen's offerings beyond game discovery. It also plans to include a wide variety of games and formats optimised for both scale and contextual engagement.

Word games, chess, ping pong, carrom, and sudoku are some of the most popular games. Various top-tier games, such as Fruit Katana, racing, shooting, chess takes Queen, Wothan the Barbarian, and many more, are accessible from the lock screen. It's also a place where users can tune in to watch their favourite streamers and professional gamers play and comment on the latest games. Followers of professional players like Snipuu and Bindaas Laila, among many others, can tune in to their live feeds.

Live gaming on Glance
Gaming Nostra on Glance

The games provided at Nostra are supported by the leading software providers in the world. Moreover, acquiring gaming firm, Gambit has significantly helped Glance to improve live gaming. With Gambit’s expertise, many live games are launched online to engage more gamers globally. Game streaming, game shows, live tournaments, and more are waiting for you.

Bottom Line

Do you want access to hundreds of games from your phone's lock screen? The visuals on Glance are high-quality, so you can expect a satisfying experience. Additionally, games are presented based on individual suggestions, so you never have to worry about being forced to play anything you don't enjoy. You can also participate in the countless tournaments and live streams that happen every day. To join this international gaming community, head on over to Nostra Glance right now.

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