Make Your Lock Screen Smarter with Glance

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For anyone who has an Android device or owns a Xiaomi/Redmi/MI/Realme, you’re likely to get the feel of a Glance Smart Lock Screen! Those of you who have experienced this smart lock screen, have experienced magic with the features that it brings. However, if you’re still looking for ways on how to remove Glance wallpaper, we’ll take you through it. But before we do, check out these cool features that you may have missed out on, that prove that it’s more than just a wallpaper carousel!

The Glance Smart Lock Screen makes your existing smartphone, smarter! How, you ask? This lock screen enables you to navigate through your phone without actually having to unlock it. This is not just time saving but also helps with easy accessibility to various screens and apps.

If that wasn’t cool enough, check out what more the Glance smart lock screen can do-

- Every time you lock your screen, you’re going to enter a customised world of what you want to see. You can browse from multiple categories, based on what your preferences are

Glance Categories

- There is also the option of selecting the preferred language

Glance Language

- If that wasn’t enough, your Glance Smart Lock Screen also allows you to watch, join and interact on LIVE shows, with your favourite celebrities

Still want to call it a wallpaper? Well, let us change your mind!

You can get the latest updates on your favourite shows, games, current events etc., right on your lock screens! Be sure of having FOMO no more when you explore the Glance Smart Lock Screen!

Glance News
Glance Cricket
Glance Entertainment

We hope that you’re slowly inching towards getting to know the smart lock screen more, from looking for ways on how to remove Glance wallpaper! To give you more reasons to love it, here’s what it has to offer for all the gamers out there!

  • You get to choose from 500+ games
  • There is no need to download the game. (You save on your data)
  • You can play as many games as you want without unlocking your phone
  • Aaaaanddd... you get to stream LIVE tournaments of some of the top games! Doesn’t that set the tone for thrill seeking gamers such as you?
Glance News
Glance Cricket

Furthermore, if gaming isn’t your scene, then what about shopping for the latest trends on your Glance Smart Lock Screen? With the sale season dancing on our heads, get the choicest brands and trends at every step! Be it the beautiful prints from EK by Ektaa Kapoor or uber cool men’s wear by KRA; there’s something for everyone.

Glance Shopping
Glance Shopping

So... there’s LIVE shows, gaming, shopping and more but if you’re still unsure and have heard some little birdy talk about it being a wallpaper, we’d like to make that fly away!

Myth 1: Glance lock screen drains your battery

Fact: It doesn’t! In fact it has a ‘save battery’ feature that you can opt for.

Glance Battery

Myth 2: It is a wallpaper app

Fact: Definitely not! You can scroll right up and see the amazing features it boasts of.

Myth 3: Anyone can access it as it operates on a lock screen

Fact: Not true! It has a child lock feature that sets it apart and doesn’t grant permission to others to access anything without your approval.

Glance Child Safe

If you want to go ahead and find out how to remove Glance wallpaper, click on the appropriate link -


FAQs - Samsung

FAQs - realme

While we are sad to let you go, we really hope you come back for more! Thing to remember is, it is SMART and it makes your smartphone, SMARTER! So, think about it before you take that step!