The gaming universe on Glance has grown to reach over 200 million vibrant customers
India ‘made in India, for the world’ platform, with a game for every player and a player for every game, the Glance gaming universe has grown to reach over 200 million vibrant customers.
There is a gamer in each one of us. And the Glance Gaming Trends Report 2022 is proof of this. This report does not just showcase the numbers but also answers the question ‘how and why is everyone hooked to Glance gaming?”
Games, gamers, gaming behaviour, developer testimonials, consumer connections, future of gaming platforms — you name it, we’ve got it covered. The answers are as insightful to us as they will be for every ally in this booming ecosystem.
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Who are the gamers on Glance?
What drives them to twiddle their thumbs away?
How can Glance Gaming become your one-stop consumer gateway?
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