Roposo invites Gen-Z to ‘Feel the Vibe’ with trending, LIVE entertainment and shopping

Roposo invites Gen-Z to ‘Feel the Vibe’ with trending, LIVE entertainment and shopping

Bengaluru, December 14, 2023: Roposo, a trends-first platform delivering LIVE experiences and shopping, unveiled its new brand campaign ‘Feel the Vibe’ today. The campaign looks to bring the platform’s core proposition of ‘shopatainment’ to life, embracing the consumers’ need for self-expression, being on top of what’s trending, and celebrating their individuality. It unifies the worlds of creator-driven LIVE videos across different genres and shopping, providing users and live streamers access to an array of novel and exciting experiences.  

The ‘Feel The Vibe’ campaign encapsulates the essence of Roposo through a captivating brand film titled ‘ Pretend Nahi, Trend Karo’ . The video demonstrates how its target demographic, Gen-Z who tend to operate with a sense of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), can be updated with the latest trends on the platform. It emanates from a deep understanding of the consumer’s desire to be seen and heard, stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, to never miss out on what's hot and what's not. The campaign aims to convey Roposo's innovation, tailored to meet the changing evolving demands and insights of consumers, apart from creating awareness and fostering brand association. The campaign will be showcased on the corporate website as well as various platforms like the Play Store, AppStore, social media, and Glance Smart Lock Screen.

Roposo’s creator-led, interactive, LIVE shows immerse consumers in the most trending and unique pop-cultural and social moments across categories. These encompass a wide array of content formats, including vox pop, chat shows, live challenges, individual creator shows, multicasts, and game shows on entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, food & cooking, fitness, sports, comedy, dating & romance, art & décor, personal finance and more. At the same time, consumers can seamlessly switch to shopping for quirky and unique home products, and electronics, along with trendy and stylish apparel, shoes and accessories on the platform. These LIVE experiences transform consumers from being passive viewers to active participants. On Roposo, consumers can collaborate with and co-create LIVE experiences alongside their favorite creators and express themselves within vibrant communities of like-minded individuals.  

Mansi Jain, Senior Vice President & GM, Roposo said, “In addition to the growing popularity of LIVE video content, LIVE social commerce is poised to revolutionize how Gen-Z and millennials approach shopping in the future. Recent studies suggest that the market size of LIVE commerce in India could potentially reach up to $5 billion by 2025. We are pleased that Roposo is leading the way in ‘shopatainment’, and we are excited about the opportunities it brings.” 

 “Roposo is a destination for everything that is trending and can be consumed in an engaging way. It offers the ability to track topical information, view LIVE entertainment videos, attend exclusive music performances and movie launches virtually, shop for quirky products, access the latest in the world of fashion, get recommendations from their favourite influencer, and much more. We believe in listening to what our consumers want, understanding how their preferences are evolving, and forging meaningful connections with them. ‘Feel The Vibe’ as a campaign aptly encompasses this emotion, wherein users and content creators alike will resonate with this strong sentiment of uniqueness,” she elaborated. 

With over 80 million active users in India and 500 + live streamers, Roposo has been streaming over 100 live shows daily, with an average daily LIVE show watch hours of approximately 210,000. Every month nearly 6.5 million hours of Roposo content are watched on Glance Smart Lock Screen and the Roposo app. Roposo’s e-commerce marketplace has been facilitating almost 1 lakh orders every day armed with a strong third-party seller base who own inventories of more than 3 lakh products that are sourced locally and globally. 

Roposo powers LIVE and SHOP on Glance Smart Lock Screen present on leading Android smartphones, with an active user base of over 200 million in India. Roposo is also available to download as an app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  

Roposo recently expanded its presence to Indonesia. Over the next few quarters, the company intends to broaden its footprint in additional markets, such as the US, Brazil, Japan, and more.  

Watch the ‘Feel the Vibe’ brand video here:

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Roposo is a trends-first platform that empowers consumers to become active trendsetters in their world. It lets consumers immerse themselves in the latest pop culture and social moments by bringing LIVE experiences across entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, cooking, fitness, personal finance, and shopping for unique products (India). For creators, Roposo provides a safe environment to stand out, build their brand, gain recognition, and start earning from Day 1. Roposo can be experienced on Glance Smart Lock Screen where it powers LIVE for Glance consumers. Roposo is also available as an app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.For more information visit