Apr 4, 2023

Everything you want to know about Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI. Also, know how to remove Glance from your MI phone

Don’t we all love it when we have the very latest technology in the palm of our hands? Something that is unique and gives us much more than what we imagined it would.

If you are currently using MI phone, then read along because this article is meant for you. While using the MI phone, you are most likely to be using Glance lock screen and experiencing a whole host of advantages. And while you may feel as though the Glance lock screen is an attractive wallpaper for your phone, prepare to be amazed at just how attractive and smart this lock screen is.

Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI

It not only makes your smartphone smarter but gives you access to all the latest information, entertainment and trends with a simple swipe saving not only time but also making the entire process easy and convenient.

Personalize and choose your most loved categories and stay up to date on the latest events around you.

Different categories of content with Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI

Here are some of the features that you can look forward to with the Glance lock screen -


Love spending some time daily just gaming and relaxing, we sure do. The Glance lock screen lets you access an abundance of games and interact with gaming users from all over the world without the need to download any new gaming applications on your phone.

Gaming LIVE updates with Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI


Need a new outfit for your friend's Sangeet function? We’ve got you covered! Select from the latest fashion trends and the coolest accessories to get your sangeet ready with a simple click. 

Shopping and Home Products trends with  Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI

LIVE feed

Glance smart lock screen enables you to get information & current events right as they happen without ever having to unlock your phone or download an app. Exclusive chats with celebs, sportsperson and get it right here LIVE!

LIVE feeds of different content categories with Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI


Love sports like us? Stuck somewhere without getting to watch India vs Australia, we’re here to help you out. You’ll get the score right there on your lock screen without missing out on any of the action.

Sports updates with Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI


Climate change, earthquakes, budget queries? News from all over the world that is relevant and as per your interest so that you’re always caught up and well informed.

News updates with Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI


Did you catch the latest movie trailers out now? In the mood for dancing on Saturday night? We’ve got all the latest Bollywood tunes to keep you going whether it’s Saturday night or Monday morning. So, get your dancing shoes on and get ready to party with us.

Entertainment updates with Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI

Did we mention that this lock screen comes with a child-safe feature? I mean every kid sneaks in some game time on their parents' phone now and then but with the Glance lock screen, no unauthorized viewing or changes can be made and that’s simply the best and biggest advantage.

Child safety features along with updates with Glance Smart Lock Screen on MI

But you know what? We feel optimistic that you'll come back to your Glance Smart Lock Screen again, and when you do, we’ll make it easy for you to enable it again:

Know how to remove Glance from your MI phone

If you’re also wish to know how to remove Glance from your MI phone, then simply follow the next few steps

Go to Settings --> Lockscreen --> Glance for Mi --> Turn OFF

The Glance lock screen is a dedicated tool to display visually attractive wallpapers and exciting information every time a lock button or power button is accessed. Get all the latest information on music, sports, entertainment, tech and so much more with a simple click. Millions of users across the world are using this daily to gain so much more information and simplify their lives. Let’s be honest, numbers don’t lie and 220 million folks around the world are loving this and making their smartphone smarter. That’s simply the only point we’re trying to make.