Apr 4, 2023

FAQs- Glance: The Smart Lock Screen

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Are you tired of the same old lock screen on your phone? Do you want to add some functionality and make it more interesting? Look no further than Glance, the smart lock screen that offers more than just wallpapers. In this article, we will answer some common questions about Glance and guide you through how to enable or how to disable Glance lock screen. So, let’s start!

Glance Smart Lock screen

What is Glance Lock Screen?

Glance lock screen is a smart lock screen that enables users to personalize their phone's lock screen with a wide variety of information that they may need to access quickly. This smart lock screen provides a quick glance at important information such as the latest news, weather, sports scores, and notifications without having to unlock the device.

Remember, the Glance smart lock screen is not a separate application that needs to be downloaded or installed, but rather, it comes pre-installed on certain smartphones. The Glance lock screen can be easily customized, allowing users to choose what type of information is displayed on their lock screen.

Moreover, the Glance lock screen can be incredibly convenient for individuals who are always on the go and need to quickly check important information without the need to unlock their device fully. You can access this lock screen in 7 different languages that include English, Hindi, Marathi, Telegu, Tamil, and Bengali.

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Where Is Glance Available?

Glance, a leading smart lock screen provider, has quickly gained popularity worldwide. Initially successful in India,Glance has now expanded its reach to other countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico.

Its personalized experience has made it a top choice for smartphone users, and its expansion to other countries has further strengthened its position as a global smart screen in this industry. Glance's availability in multiple countries has made it accessible to a vast and diverse audience, which has contributed to its success as a leading provider of smart lock screens. You may soon see Glance in USA and other countries too.

Is It an App? From Where Can I Download It?

As mentioned earlier, Glance is not an app, and you do not need to download it separately from Playstore. It is a lock screen that is pre-installed on leading smartphone brands. That means you don’t have to pay anything extra or spend additional data to have this smart lock screen of your phone.

Glance Not an App

In Which Phones Is Glance Available?

Want to enjoy the smart features of Glance on the phone you are using? Don’t worry; Glance has got you covered! It is available on select smartphones from various manufacturers, such as Samsung, MI, and realme. You may see the lock screen being added to more smartphones in the near future.

How to Disable Glance Lock Screen?

By any chance, if you wish to know how to turn off Glance or how to disable Glance, then don’t worry. It’s a simple process that takes no significant time. However, the process may vary slightly depending on the smartphone you are using. Here is how to disable Glance in several brands:

How Can I Enable Glance?

In case the Glance smart lock screen is not activated on your mobile device, then this section is for you. Again, enabling Glance will depend on the type of smartphone you are using. Moreover, it may also vary slightly from phone to phone. Here is how you can enable Glance on top brands available in the market.

How Can I Customize or See Only the Topics I Like

Customizing Glance to see only the content you like is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. Glance offers content in over 19 different categories, such as news, comedy, food, India news, Live game shows, talent, travel and adventure, world news, daily digest, music, sports, business news, cars and bikes, health and fitness, and more. Here is how you can customize Glance smart lock screen:

  • To customize your phone's lock screen, first go to settings and select "Lock Screen" by scrolling down.
  • Then click on the "Glance for MI/realme/Samsung" tab to access customisation settings.
  • Make sure that Glance is turned on.
  • Next, choose the types of images you prefer in the "Glance Image Categories" menu. You can also upload personal photos from your gallery by selecting "Gallery Photos."

  • Adjust the frequency of images from your gallery and make advanced changes by selecting "Advanced." Personalize your glance lock screen to your liking.
  • At Glance smart lock screen, you can also customize the language by clicking on “Language” sign on right corner of your phone.

Summing Up

In conclusion, Glance is a convenient and useful smart lock screen that can enhance your smartphone experience by providing quick access to important information without the need to unlock your device. This smart lock screen is pre-installed on select smartphones from various manufacturers such as Samsung, MI, and realme and can be easily customized to display only the topics you care about. Glance's popularity has spread worldwide, and its availability in multiple countries has made it accessible to a vast and diverse audience. Whether you want to enable or disable Glance, the process is simple and can be done in just a few steps. Remember, with Glance, your lock screen can be more than just wallpapers.