Dec 11, 2023

Glance on Realme: Your Personalized Gateway to a Smarter, More Connected World - One Swipe at a Time

Glance on Realme- Your Smarter World in a Swipe

Glance on Realme is an advanced way of transforming your phone’s lock screen into an information access hub. Unlike standalone applications, Glance on Realme comes pre-loaded, so a user does not need to download a separate application to customize their lock screen. The Glance feature enables accessing vital information including the latest news, weather updates, sports scores, and messages without unlocking the phone. The flexibility enables users to select the particular type of details they need to view on their lock screen, aiding convenience, especially for people who are always busy. Glance comes in seven languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali.

Benefits of Glance on Realme

If you own a Realme smartphone, you probably have already been experiencing the benefits of the Glance feature. Glance on Realme should not be viewed as aesthetics alone but as a game-changer. Your smartphone wallpaper turns into a smart lock screen, enabling you to perform many functions without unlocking. This saves time and enables you to have a hassle-free life.

Glance for LIVE Shows: Did you know that with Glance on Realme you play along with celebs, creators and millions of users in live shows? It is no ordinary wallpaper; it is a doorway to live interactive experiences.

Glance for News: Have the latest news and trends on your home screen. The Glance feature gives you access to breaking news without having to unlock your phone.

Glance for Sports: Sports enthusiasts, rejoice! Thanks to Glance on Realme, you never miss a nail-biting cricket, football or other sports match! Get updated information about your favourite sports, and also get a chance to meet the sports legends live.

Glance for Gamers: At Glance, over 500 gaming games are free and waiting for you if gaming is your passion. The best part? Unlimited fun at your fingertips on your lock screen without downloading or saving data. In addition, you can stream real-time gaming tournaments.

How to Enable Glance on Realme?

Step 1 on how to enable Glance on Realme: Open the "Settings" on your Realme device. 

Step 2 on how to enable Glance on Realme:  Scroll down and tap on "Home screen and Lock screen”. 

Step 3 on how to enable Glance on Realme: Look for “Glance for Realme” and tap on it.

Step 4 on how to enable Glance on Realme: Toggle it on to enable Glance in Realme.

Step 5 on how to enable Glance on Realme: Turn your device off and then wake it up again to have Glance successfully enabled on your Realme phone. 

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