Dec 19, 2023

Guide to Glance on Motorola

Your guide to Glance smart lock screen on Motorola

Are you one amongst the many motorola smartphone users? Then you are in for a Glance - surprise. It's not often that you get something as awesome as the Glance smart lock screen in-built into your smartphone, isn't that right?

Have you already started to question: “What's Glance smart lock screen? ” Then you must know that it's a revolution; here to make your motorola smartphone better. Better isn't enough description for a trailblazer like Glance. Therefore, go on and read the article below to get a clear picture.

Meet Glance smart lock screen: A wallpaper or more?

A smartphone with a mesmerizing lock screen wallpaper. Everyone has heard of that, but what everyone apart from 230 million Glance users, didn't hear is: Glance is a smart lock screen. Mesmerizing doesn't begin to define this technological advancement, stemming right from its roots in India.

It brings technology and creativity together, most beautifully and simplistically. Glance smart lock screen leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to bring you — your heart’s desire.

Unlike traditional wallpapers that soothe the eyes, the Glance smart lock screen also titillates your brain. The question remains, Glance and Motorola: What's the combination? Keep reading for the apt answer.

Glance smart lock screen on Motorola: What sets it apart?

There's a lock screen wallpaper on every smartphone's lock screen. What's special about the Glance smart lock screen? The points that set Glance on Motorola apart are:

  1. Your phone's lock screen is YOURS in the true sense. A glance at your lock screen and you'll recognize your smartphone.
  2. Lock screen wallpapers may be visually stimulating for others, but for Motorola users, they are also mentally stimulating.
  3. One wallpaper 24*7 will not bore you anymore. Glance lock screen has a "Carousel Wallpapers" option. Choose it to select your favorite lot. Swipe as per your mood and desire.
  4. No more uneventful searches for information that interests you. Have a glance at Glance!
  5. If something is offsetting, share your queries. There's an option available!
  6. Same experience twice, slides by. But, the same experience, again and again, isn't done. Glance has you covered there too. Every Glance-enabled Motorola smartphone has the option to update Glance, hence the wallpapers and the overall experience.

If there's more, it's right there on your Glance smart lock screen. Enable and enjoy! It's available on Motorola Moto G22, Motorola Edge 40, Motorola E6, etc.

Glance on Motorola: Your go-to Smart Lock Screen

The technicalities are important, but technical aspects make life easier. Fun? Not so much. Therefore, the Glance smart lock screen on Motorola also brings in the fun through diverse wallpapers. You can swipe-swipe-swipe to your heart's content. The real question is: Can you ever get enough of what you love? Probably not.

After this build-up, it's only right for you to explore what these smart lock screen wallpapers bring in. They bring you:

1. Beauty: Glance Smart Lock Screen on Motorola

Question: Why do most smartphone users use a lock screen wallpaper?

Correct Answer: To make it look mesmerizing and beautiful to our eyes and others. Do you know who makes it easier? Glance, the smart lock screen on your smartphone. You want the view of Gulmarg, you got it. You want to look at your favorite celebrity? You got it!

2. Entertainment: Glance Smart Lock Screen on Motorola

Question: What's entertainment when it comes to written or static visual content?

Correct Answer: Oh, everything that makes you smile with interest and intrigue is entertaining. Glance takes it a step ahead by introducing the "read more" feature. If Michael Jackson had a habit, you can even explore the "why," "when," "where," and "how" of it. Not on the endless search engines, right there on Glance for your Motorola smartphone.

3. Leisure: Glance Smart Lock Screen on Motorola

Question: What all comes under leisure?

Correct Answer: Anything and everything you enjoy doing in your free time, without any work. Then, why do you want to work to find details about a leisure activity? On the Glance smart lock screen, without even unlocking your phone, you have all the details of a leisure activity. It starts with learning Golfing Etiquette and can end with anything that interests you.

4. Cricket: Glance Smart Lock Screen on Motorola

Question: What does a cricket fan want?

Correct Answer: Glance has a 200+ million active user base in India. It would not be an exaggeration to say that at least 100+ million among them are cricket fans as cricket is largely loved in India. Since 2019 (Glance's launch year), we have garnered enough data to say all a cricket fan wants is:

  • Score updates.
  • Updates on the form of a player.
  • Updates on recent or upcoming matches.
  • Updates on records being made or broken.

Does Glance give them what they want? Absolutely!

These are just a few facets of what Glance smart lock screen wallpaper has in store for your Motorola smartphones. For all it has to offer, feel free to enable Glance on your smartphone. A thorough guide is below.

Glance smart lock screen: Where on Motorola?

There's nothing extravagant when it comes to enabling Glance on Motorola. All you have to do is:

  1. Step 1: Unlock your smartphone.
  2. Step 2: Click on Settings.
  3. Step 3: Search for and click the "Display" option.
  4. Step 4: Within Display, search and click the "Lock Screen" option.
  5. Step 5: Now tap on the option reading "Glance for Moto."
  6. Step 6: Toggle the "Turn on" button towards the right.
  7. Step 7: Switch off your phone and turn on to the Glance experience.

For any further doubts on how to enable or disable Glance on Motorola, refer to the FAQ's page.

Motorola Lock Screen Upgrade with Glance Smart Lock Screen: The Conclusion

Motorola's lock screen gets a stylish upgrade with Glance, offering more than just aesthetics. Picture the Amazon Rainforests as your wallpaper and stay in the know with cricket and football updates, turning it into your personal news channel. Motorola users, are you ready to effortlessly stay informed and make Glance your go-to for updates?