How Glance Can Give You a Competitive Edge in Mobile Gaming on Your Samsung Smartphone

Featured Image - How Glance Can Give You a Competitive Edge in Mobile Gaming

If you've only ever considered your lock screen a place to check the time and your notifications, then you've obviously never heard of Glance. It offers a fresh take on the traditional static lock screen for smartphones, which is highly interactive and fundamentally alters how you engage with your device. Although many companies now provide wallpaper apps, this one is unlike the rest because it offers a variety of useful features that the user can explore at their leisure. All Xiaomi phones and the Samsung Galaxy M, A, and J series come with Glance right now. It provides a wide range of functions that might improve your daily life experience. In this article, we will discuss how Glance can give you a competitive edge in mobile gaming on your Samsung smartphone and make you forget to ask how to disable Glance in Samsung.

Why Glance

Glance makes your lock screen lively and more fun. Everyone interested in the informative and quality fun content at Glance will want to read every word. The best thing is that the content you receive can be tailored or customised to your specific interests. What a fantastic personal touch! Also, this is not a permanent setting. Anytime you'd like, you may go back and modify your category preferences. Moreover, you don’t even need to enter a PIN to be able to see the pictures, videos, games and news shown by Glance smart lock screen. These pictures and stories have been formatted so that they display and load quickly on mobile devices. The ability to restrict downloads of fresh content to when you're connected to Wi-Fi means that you won't have to worry about your data plan.

The practicality of Glance, especially in the present day, is what sets it apart. We live in a digital age where there is an overwhelming quantity of information available, but with Glance, you can stay on top of the news and other topics that interest you without adding yet another app to your already crowded smartphone.

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The Scope Of Glance Mobile Gaming

If you love gaming, then nothing can stop you from being a fan of Nostra from Glance. At Glance, you can play hundreds of games daily that help you relax and spend some quality gaming time at your residence. Apart from giving you access to a large collection of games, Glance also allows you to interact with gamers worldwide. The best part, though, is that you don’t need to download any separate gaming applications on your Samsung mobile device.

Glance, which is a lock screen content platform, is the world’s first screen zero company that has introduced games on the lock screen. Introduced in January 2019, the Glance platform offers over 400 games to its gaming players from different parts of the globe. Currently, the platform is one of the fastest-growing gaming platforms that mainly focuses on ease of access and scale of its games.

Glance Puzzle Games
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What Numbers Say?

In January 2023, Nostra gaming, from Glance, had 75 million monthly active users playing online games. Out of 75 million, 25 million active gamers are enjoying live game streaming using the Glance lock screen. This shows the popularity as well as the potential of Glance gaming. In 2023, Nostra aims to expand its games library to over 1000 games across 15 top categories. As per an article published in “The Economic Times”, in 2022, double the number of active gamers have used Glance for gaming purposes. In the same year, 65 million gamers used Glance in a month, out of which 73 per cent were non-metros, and 47 per cent were women. This indicates that more and more people are choosing Glance gaming, thereby enriching their gaming experience.

The same article read that older people also use Glance gaming to play casual games, with 27 per cent of users in the 45 to 54 age group. This is how to Glance gaming is entering into the lives of people of all age groups.

What Games Can You Play At Glance Gaming?

The Nostra, from Glance, provides access to a wide variety of gaming options with one tap. Popular puzzle games include maze out, sudoku, word bird, spot the difference, and arithmetic games, while strategy games like chess, base defence, brain test, and the battle of tanks are always a hit.

Glance games

Additionally, users aged 18-24 exhibit a great affinity for viewing live game streaming, with roughly 47% of live stream watchers coming from this age group.

More than 400 casual games, professional gaming, tournaments, and live game streaming can all be found on the Glance lock screen of Android smartphones.

The fact that users may enjoy the games with minimum storage and data needs is attracting a lot of people. Moreover, not having to download the games contributes significantly to their popularity.

Furthermore, more than 400 games, spanning 15 genres like strategy, puzzle, arcade, simulation, casual, action, and shooter, may be found in the platform's catalogue as of 2022.

According to an article in "The Economic Times," 30% of players prefer strategy games, making them the most popular genre on the platform. This is followed by 15% who play puzzle games, 12% who play arcade games, & 11% who play simulation games.

You can get the latest updates on your favourite shows, games, current events etc., right on your lock screens! Be sure of having FOMO no more when you explore the Glance Smart Lock Screen!

Glance Live Gaming
Glance Game Simulations
Glance Free Fire gaming

Half of all new users are still active on the platform six months later, and the platform has seen an increase of 80% among retained users in just the first month of retention.

Defend the Tank, Swing Monkey, Jewels Block, Escape from Aztec, and Fruit Katana are just a few of the most popular games on the platform.

Glance Game Puzzles
Glance Game drop Jewel
Glance Game Amazing Colour

Summing Up

In conclusion, Glance's Nostra has already improved its gaming experiences by adding the best games from the best developers and companies worldwide through upgraded gameplay, seamless integrations, and expanded platform capabilities. It plans to increase its focus on live game broadcasting by hosting more daily streams, tournaments, and collaborations with esports event organisers. And now, what are you waiting for? If you want to enjoy a more exciting gaming experience on your Samsung smartphone, turn on the Glance right now.

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