Enhancing Your Lock Screen Beyond Wallpapers: The Intelligence of Glance

Glance is rapidly becoming the new normal for lock screens on various smartphones like Samsung, MI, realme, etc. Why? Because of the intriguing features it comes with! This 2018 launched technology has changed the face of interactive features available in any smartphone's lock screen. Glance enriches your experience, starting with your phone's lock screen itself! It brings so many features at the click of your power button!

Are you excited to learn about Glance? If you want to know how Glance makes your Lock Screen Smart and more than just wallpapers, then you are at the right place! Keep reading the article below and unravel different aspects of Glance. We have come up with a perfect walkthrough starting from features to answering questions like- how to remove glance wallpaper. So, with no further ado, let's dive into the article!

Glance smart lock screen - how to remove glance wallpaper

A Smart Lock screen with Glance

Glance is a technological advancement made to improve user experience. It's an India-based technology that's made a name for itself in a span of a few years. Don't believe us? Are you someone who believes in facts? Then below are some for you:

  • At present Glance has an overall active user base of 270 million users.
  • An estimated user count of 25 million on Nostra is gamers, actively participating in live streams via the Glance lock screen.
  • In a 2022 report on Glance by Economic Times they stated that a 30% user growth was approximated in the active user base of the company. This report covered the stats for 2022's first quarter. 
  • The big shots (MI, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, realme, etc.) in India's Smartphone market all have Glance Lock Screen available. (Economic times, 2022)
  • Monthly, 75 million users actively use Nostra, a gaming platform by Glance.
  • Glance promotes inclusivity through its user base. This fact is proven by women as 47% of Gamers on Glance monthly. It's followed by 27% of users between the ages of 45 to 54 years.
  • Statistica in a 2022 report published that an average user on Glance spends 25 minutes/daily on the platform.
Glance-gaming without downlaod -how to remove glance from lock screen
Glance-Live Shows-how to remove glance from lock screen
Glance-Shopping without download -how to remove glance from lock screen

Glance: Not your regular Lock screen wallpaper

Do you see that stagnant wallpaper on your lock screen? That's not Glance! Instead, Glance is any wallpaper you want and much more with it. The main aim of Glance on your lock screen is to enrich your experience. So, instead of those same boring wallpapers, Glance gives you HD images of the scenic beauty of nature.

With it, on your Samsung, Oppo, and mi glance wallpaper, you'll also get snippets or bylines. One click on them will open for you a wide range of information about that bird, scenery, etc. Does it sound interesting? Although interesting, it's not ALL! There are also short videos, suited to your taste that'll appear on your lock-screen. You can easily scroll and enjoy them!

Does Glance only serve your vision? Not at all. There's something for everyone. To learn more about the Glance lock screen, read the section below!

News on Glance: Just a swipe away!

Will you like news updates on issues suited to your interest? Then go no further! Glance brings you news updates, within a click. You no longer have to go through the trouble of opening your lock screen, and then an app or a website. Because if the recent changes in stock prices is your query, the same will be displayed on your smart lock screen. Therefore, without any trouble, you'll have what you want!

This is not where the trail of awesome features at Glance ends, it's just beginning! Read below for more!

Live on Glance: What does it mean?

Is your question: does Glance provide a live streaming platform? Or perhaps- does glance provide a platform to view a live stream? Don't be confused! Glance gives you the best of both worlds. Yes!

For gamers, Glance has a live streaming platform- Nostra. These streams are available live at Glance on your lock screens. Thus, viewers can enjoy and engage with their favorite streamers through Glance! To engage with your favorite streams, all you have to do is enable Glance on your lock screen.

Additionally, to create a better engagement between the live stream and the viewers, Glance provides different options. Some of them include- live chats, polls and quizzes! Exciting isn't it? Go engage with your favorite gamer now!

Shop on Glance: Hassle Free!

Is shopping your one true love, and you are tired of installing and searching different shopping apps? Then look no more! Glance brings to you a shopping platform with no hassle to install the app. You can even make a payment without unlocking your smartphone! With Roposo , you'll get a chance to save time, and money while shopping through Glance smart lock screen. Furthermore, different creator-led recommendation live streams and short videos will be available. Thus you can choose what to buy easily and more to your liking!

Glance: An overlook

If you're in a hurry, then here's a quick look at Glance and its features:

  • Glance is a lock screen technology that's incorporated in your android phones like mi, Samsung, etc.
  • Glance knows how to handle your data and battery with care. So no battery wastage and no data leakage.
  • Your feed on Glance is personalized according to your interests.
  • Features that Glance provides are- gaming, updates, shopping, live-streaming, wallpapers, short videos, etc.
  • If you are more comfortable with your local language, Glance has you covered. It's available in different local languages apart from the widely used Hindi and English.

How to enable or remove glance wallpaper?

What makes Glance unique? It's not some app that needs any downloading, rather it's a whole new world of gaming, live streaming, shopping, etc. And you can have it all to yourself! Isn't it exciting? There's a very easy process to do so! If you have any queries regarding the Glance lock screen, visit our FAQs to Glance. Here you can learn anything from enabling Glance smart lock screen to a guide on how to remove glance wallpaper.