Nov 6, 2023

Salman Khan Ka Show: Glance's Thrilling New Collaboration with Bigg Boss 17

Hello, Bigg Boss fam! 

It's your season, how's the enjoyment going? With the yearly Salman Khan ka Show, Bigg Boss, you must be biting your nails, sitting on your couches. Probably alone or with family. But, what after the episode? The family is busy and they're not ready for a discussion on Bigg Boss 17. Well, that looks like a bummer for you. But, for some people, it's not a bummer. They are enjoying, with other Bigg Boss fans, right on their Glance smart lock screen. 

Yes. The smart lock screen, your favorite contestants use, is easily available to you. Glance has no rules like Bigg Boss 17. It's your phone, your lock screen, it's your choice. Learn all about Salman Khan Ka Show, 24/7. No bluffs, only pure facts, straight from the house! How, why, when, where? All these questions have answers in the article below!

Salman Khan Ka Show: The Glance Hijack

It will not be wrong if we say, "Glance hijacked" Salman Khan ka show. Why? Because this season Glance smart lock screen is everywhere! We are with the contestants in the "House of Strategy." It's the Smart TV that Salman Khan uses to enter the house. We are also the sponsor to many upcoming games that'll be played on Bigg Boss 17. The entire Bigg Boss 17 house is sprinkled with Glance-magic. But, nothing like "The Dimaag Ghar."

Salman Khan ka Show and the Glance element: What's Cooking?

A blockbuster season. That's cooking! Glance with its 230 million users worldwide is all set to make Bigg Boss a national sensation and leave a global mark. Bigg Boss has a fanbase that's spread all across the nation. Everyone wants some of the Salman Khan show for themselves. If you are saying no, you are lying to yourself. And we at the Glance smart lock screen have taken it upon ourselves to bring you all about  Bigg Boss 17. Anytime, anywhere. It'll make catching up with Bigg Boss 17 as convenient as a glance on your smartphone's lock screen. 

Why does Glance Smart Lock Screen fit perfectly on Bigg Boss 17?

Glance is the first of its kind AI technology driven smart lock screen technology from India. Similarly, Bigg Boss is the first of its kind in India. Both have millions of people connected to them. How can we not fit perfectly with each other? We are the perfect fit. Bigg Boss meets technology and magic happens! Bigg Boss had brains but Glance brought the strategy. Does it mean Bigg Boss 17 is Brain with the right strategy? It is. This dynamic combination will shake the online as well as TV industry. There will be, as at Glance we always say, "har pal kuch new!"

Salman Khan ka Show and Glance with its Strategy: Bigg Boss 17 for the win!

For the win, what win? The most popular reality show of the year. No one can stop this year's Salman Khan Ka show to show people that it's the ultimate king of reality shows! There is so much drama with couples, comedians, vloggers, actors, etc. It's a full house. And there is Glance, with the Giant smartphone and its smart lock screen. But, it's not a normal lock screen. It's a Glance smart lock screen. And Glance smart lock screen doesn't come without benefits. You can enable Glance now to find out. The benefits it gives the contestants become the envy of ex-contestants. Find it all in the section below.

Salman Khan Ka Show (Bigg Boss 17): Why are ex-contestants jealous?

Let's make it clear, concise, and interesting. Just like we believe at Glance. So, the ex Contestants are jealous because:

  • Salman Khan Ka Show has a giant smartphone this season. 
  • The smartphone has a Glance smart lock screen. 
  • This smart lock screen is for the use of contestants in the "House of Strategy." 
  • So, not only ex-contestants but some current contestants are jealous too. 
  • This smart lock screen prepares the contestant for a winning strategy. How? By:
    • Tips
    • In-house news
    • Insider insights 

The Dimaag members have a strong head start. Other members are playing the game however they see fit for winning. But, Bigg Boss audience, what about you? We have something for you too! Keep reading. 

Avoid missing anything on Salman Khan Ka Show: Ensures Glance smart lock screen

Are you on the lookout for a quick, interesting, true update on Bigg Boss 17? The Glance smart lock screen is your answer. That's right, Glance doesn't forget to reward its users, you want Bigg Boss, we've got you Bigg Boss. What's more fun than a business that cares for your needs? Nothing. This is not all. Among other things you can expect on Glance, there are contests. Don't take them lightly, they can be your ticket to meet Salman Khan. 

Live Shows about Salman Khan ka Show: On Glance!

Not to forget. There will be live shows too. Here you'll have your favorite streamers, delivering updates on Bigg Boss 17. Of course, it will be followed by discussions, when predictions in some cases. Yes. If you are curious, there will be quizzes and polls. You will get to leave where your favorite contestant is! So, don't wait and enable Glance on your smartphone. Now!

Glance Smart Lock Screen with Salman Khan ka Show: It's Different, it's Interesting!

Glance is true to its nature in Bigg Boss 17 too. Our vision at Glance is to bring a revolution. And standing tall in its claims, Glance is ready to revolutionize the Salman Khan Ka Show. This season, Bigg Boss has left behind the policy of not allowing a smartphone in the house. 

It's allowed and it's strategic! Of course, not everyone has a smartphone, but there's one smartphone. That's a start, in the coming time, this partnership will bring better and more refined changes in Bigg Boss for sure! For you, the Glance users, Glance is "The Source" you need for everything Bigg Boss. Do you know how to enable Glance on your lock screen? It's an easy process, it includes: 

1- Opening the settings menu on your smartphone (Samsung, mi, redmi, etc.). 

2- In settings, scroll till you find either the "display" or "lock screen" option. 

3- Now look for the "Glance" option, and click on it! 

4- There you'll have an option to enable Glance. It can be a toggle, a check, or a swipe. 

Glance is built into your phones. No downloads. In short:

"Open Settings—Display— Enable Glance."