Stay Informed on The Go: Get Daily News Updates on Your Glance Lock Screen

Featured Image - Daily News Updates on Your Glance Lock Screen

Have you ever thought that you would see photos, music, entertainment, news, etc., right from your lock screen? Yes, you heard us right. Glance lock screen, with its unique and smart approach, had made it possible.

Glance is a smart lock screen feature that comes with many phones from Realme, Redmi, and Samsung. It is the first Smart Lock Screen in the world! Let's take a closer look at the Glance smart lock screen and what it can do for you.

First of all, you should know that Glance is not an app. Instead, it is a feature that comes with Android phones like your Samsung, Realme, or Redmi phone. The best part is that you can customise your Glance on Realme smart lock screen based on things like new trends, entertainment, shopping, LIVE shows, and more. You can also see this content in the language of your choice, such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, & more.

Glance gives your lock screen a nice look and gives you a daily dose of interesting content that can keep you informed and entertained. Plus, it's a small, light feature that doesn't take up much space on your phone.

Shopping trends on Glance

Today, 220 million people are on their Glance smart lock screens. In India alone, 190 million people use Glance smart lock screens every day. So, now that you know what Glance smart lock screen is let's talk about how you can use it to get the latest news on your lock screen every day.

Cricket on Glance

Stay Updated with Glance

Are you the kind of person who keeps an eye on what’s happening around the globe? Is it something you must know for your job or studies? Well! That’s what Glance does. The days are over when you have to install different apps for different purposes. Earlier, you used to install a music app from Play Store for listening to music. Similarly, you install a separate shopping app to scroll items you like. Doesn’t that sound too complex?

It takes a lot of mobile space, data and valuable time. This is why Glance has come up with a unique approach. Now, you can find whatever you wish to see right from your lock screen without even installing additional apps. Don’t want to unlock your phone either? No need to do so! Just pick up your phone and scroll the world with your fingertips.

Shopping on Glance

Among 19 different content categories, the news category is one of them. Glance is dedicated to updating you with anything happening across the globe. Whether it be fire outbreaks in Bangladesh or an earthquake in Turkey, Glance updates you. You may not need to buy a newspaper when Glance tells you about hot politics across India. At the same time, we all love cricket and wish to get all the related news. You can get all the updates no matter what sports you follow or like. May it be Kabaddi, hockey or football, you get it all in one place.

News on Glance

Similarly, if you are someone who is interested in knowing about core environmental issues, then there is a place for you. Wish to know where is David Ettenberg shooting his last documentary for BBC Earth? Be assured Glance covers it all. No matter what kind of news you are interested in, know it in one single place without any extra effort of unlocking your phone, installing an app etc.

News on Glance
News on Glance

Moreover, you can enjoy a LIVE feed at Glance and watch your favourite celebrities right on your lock screen. What’s happening in the Kapil Sharma show, or what’s Shah Rukh Khan doing after the hit of Pathan? As a first-of-its-kind technology, Glance takes the privilege of offering you all this at your fingertips.

Live on Glance

News Updates in Your Local Language

Remember, Glance takes the locality of its users seriously. You can enjoy different types of content in the language you speak. Apart from English, you can use Glance in many other languages. These include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada and Bengali. So, no matter where you live, get the latest updates in your own language. All you need to do is visit Glance and choose the language category you speak. After that, all the content will be delivered to you in that particular language. Isn’t that wonderful!

Language on Glance

Why Go for Glance?

Easy to Use: Using Glance is quick and easy. Staying informed and up-to-date has never been more convenient than with Glance lock screen widget, which provides instant access to breaking news, the newest in entertainment, sports, and more (all without the need to download anything).

Convenient: What could be more convenient than getting all the above-mentioned information in one place? No need to unlock your phone or install a separate application. Well! That’s what we call convenience.

Catgeories on Glance

Decide what you want to see: Glance offers wonderful customisation options. You can decide what you want to see on your phone screen. If you are interested in sports only, visit your phone's settings and select the same category. If you are interested in shopping only, choose the same category.

Save time: Imagine unlocking your phone many times throughout the day to see photos, listen to music or get news updates. Well! That’s a lot of time, for sure. Glance saves you a lot of time by eliminating the need to unlock your phone every time.

Child-lock system: Being able to see the content without unlocking your phone does not mean that anyone else, including your children, can use the Glance on your phone. It comes with a smart child-lock system that prevents your children from accessing content on Glance without your permission.

Child lock on Glance

The Final Thoughts

Glance aims to improve the user experience by incorporating a new innovative approach. Although the technology is new, millions of people across the globe are already using it. Being the world’s first smart lock screen, the Glance has already entered our lives. So, ensure you have your Glance activated in settings. It’s time for all of us to take the most out of this innovative technology.

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