Feb 27, 2024

Swipe to Stay Updated: Exploring the News Stories on the Samsung Glance Lock Screen

Featured Image - Swipe to Stay Updated: Exploring the News Stories on the Samsung Glance Lock Screen

Glance lock screen is not an app; it is an innovative lock screen feature that comes pre-installed on various smartphone models from top brands like Samsung, Realme, Vivo, and more in India. This allows millions of users instant access to Glance's useful information and entertainment without needing to download anything. This includes up-to-date news, entertainment content, cricket updates, astrology, and much more - all without unlocking your phone!

However, with such a trove of features on the Glance lock screen, some Samsung Glance users still search for "how to stop Glance in Samsung" to disable it. But before doing that, it's worth understanding that in Samsung, Glance provides a partial experience with its focus on the wealth of News content. This article will dive into the News feature on Samsung Glance to showcase why it's worthwhile for users to keep this convenient news destination right on their fingerprints. Samsung Glance overcomes many pain points of digital news consumption today. The Glance lock screen therefore makes staying informed on Samsung devices easier than ever.

10 News Categories of Glance Lock Screen

The news stories of the Samsung Glance is accessible by swiping left or right on the lock screen. At the top, it has 10 tabs that allow you to dive into different news verticals:

For You

Glance For You

The "For You" tab on the Glance lock screen learns about your interests to deliver a customised news playlist every morning. Like having your own AI news anchor, it studies the headlines you read and shows you more of the same to kickstart your day informed on topics you care about. Let Glance's recommendations make staying up-to-date effortless.

Bigg Boss

Glance Bigg Boss

When new seasons of India's biggest reality show begin, Bigg Boss fans can dive right into the non-stop drama, fights, romances, and contestant gossip in this tab of the Samsung Glance. Get your 24/7 fill of all things Bigg Boss here without other news distractions when new episodes air. It's your direct access to the BB house!


Glance Business

Start your morning market-savvy with the Business tab. See the latest on stock movements, startup funding, mergers, IPOs, and other financial developments that move the money needle. Whether you're an investor or just business-curious, get your dose of money news to stay informed and prepared for the day ahead with Glance lock screen


Glance Sports

Quench your fan thirst with the Sports tab. Scores, trades, injuries, previews - get your stats fixed here for cricket, football, tennis, F1 and other sports. Consider the Samsung Glance your inside look into the locker room for the latest on teams and players. Don't miss a beat of the sports world here.


Glance National

Pulse of the nation - get your need-to-know news happening within India through the National tab. Political developments, Bollywood, natural disasters, and major events - find the biggest headlines shaping our country all in one place. Stay up-to-date with the Glance lock screen on the heartbeat of India here.


Glance International

Look beyond borders for global perspectives. The International tab on the Samsung Glance covers top world news from elections, conflicts, and disasters to science breakthroughs and other major events in foreign countries. Become an informed global citizen about happenings around the world.


Glance Entertainment

Hollywood, Bollywood, music, TV - get your pop culture pulse racing with Entertainment news! Movie/show releases, new music drops, celebrity gossip, fashion trends - find the latest on entertainment's glitz and glam here to stay in the know on what's buzzworthy in this entertainment tab of the Glance lock screen.

Travel & Lifestyle

Glance Travel & Lifestyle

Inspire your next vacation or keep up with lifestyle trends in fashion, beauty, wellness, and design through the Travel & Lifestyle tab of the Samsung Glance. Get practical tips, news on hotel/airline programmes, and digestible bites of inspiration to enrich your lifestyle.

Food & Health

Glance Food & Health

Foodies, get your fill here! Discover mouthwatering news on new restaurants, popular diets, food festivals, emerging chefs, and tasty trends in the Food tab of the Glance lock screen. The perfect place to nourish your appetite for gastronomic stories and culinary indulgence.

Science & Technology

Glance Science & Technology

From AI to space exploration, the future is here! Immerse yourself in the innovations, gadgets, and advances shaping our world through science and technology news. This tab in the Samsung Glance previews the weird, wonderful future unfolding through human ingenuity and cutting-edge discovery.

Personalised News Experience

Glance personalised news

Overall, the news stories within the Glance lock screen offer an easily scannable, visually appealing news reading experience. Dividing stories into niche topics through tabs, the Samsung Glance lock screen prevents information overload. And, with AI-powered personalisation in the For You tab, you can have a uniquely tailored news feed conveniently delivered to your lock screen each day. The glance lock screen makes absorbing the news quick, effortless, and enjoyable.

While news consumption has shifted online for many people, sifting through overwhelming amounts of content spread across many sites and apps takes time. Glance Lock Screen solves this by aggregating top stories from reputable sources in one place. The lock screen delivery lets you catch up on what matters in seconds rather than minutes.

With increasing concerns over fake news spreading on social media, getting news from trusted news outlets through the Samsung Glance lock screen provides reliability. And by consuming news directly on your phone's lock screens, you avoid the vortex of getting distracted or sucked into social media while looking up stories.  

Wrapping up: News Stories on the Glance Lock Screen

Samsung Glance is more than just your ordinary pre-installed feature. Especially its News Story. If you’re one of those people who are searching for “How to Stop Glance in Samsung,” you might want to rethink given all the information and entertainment that the Glance lock screen delivers. 

Overall, the news stories on the Glance lock screen elegantly solve many pain points of digital news consumption today. It makes staying informed easier than ever. With personalised recommendations and niche topics, Samsung Glance creates an engaging, efficient news experience on the go. Just keep on reading!