Jan 23, 2024

Digital Delight: Decoding What Is the Reason for My Happiness

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Happy people are more productive than their counterparts by 13%. This insight from a University of Oxford research is eye-opening. Especially for someone looking to be more productive, someone feeling down for a long time, it's the ultimate truth. But, this truth also raises some questions. It prompts people to question, “What is the reason of my happiness?” Everyone wants to be more productive, but if it comes with fulfilling a fundamental human-goal, then why not? Why shouldn't people say, “I choose to be happy!”

With all the digital chaos, finding the recluse can be difficult, even impossible. But, the good news is, it's all in your head. Because there are digital platforms that want to make a difference. These platforms care for your happiness as well as they care for your productivity, growth, etc. Some very common platforms are Glance smart lock screen, Happify, Calm, Headspace, Smiling Mind, Forest, A Soft Murmur, etc. On reading this article you will realize that they are all #beyondtech. They'll be ready to answer your question, “what is my happiness?”

What is the Reason of My Happiness?

When you are in a deep trance, surrounded by all the work and technology, you might find yourself wondering: “What is the reason of my happiness?” This isn't an out of the blue question because happiness is a fundamental requirement for humans. When going for a job, education, etc., what's the first thing you think of? Most of you will imagine yourself “happy and fulfilled.” You'll imagine a future you, who's in a better health, shape, and position as when compared to the present you. It'll be YOU, but one who has the answer to, “what is my happiness?”

Still, why is it that you don't choose your happiness in the moment? At present. Why do you let this technology-dominated world decide when you have to be happy? Why don't you allow yourself to say, “I choose to be happy!”

Why don't you find your haven, in this tiresome routine? And it's not too far if you go ahead and search for it. It's right there, on your mobile devices and their #beyondtech features. Even if you are not aware, you'll no longer be unaware, just keep reading!

The Science of Joy: What is my Happiness?

Followed by numerous developments, technology has been misunderstood and misused by many. With your excel sheets and word documents, you have forgotten that technology is made FOR YOU. Not only for you to work tirelessly, but also for you to enjoy, relax, and finally enjoy your well-deserved happiness! Many of you might say, “I choose to be happy, but time doesn't allow.” What if time is no longer the problem? What if all you have to do is look at your smartphone. You have everything that gives you joy, right then and there!

The answer to your question, “What is the reason of my happiness?” is hidden in the technology you have been avoiding. What's that? It's not one, different applications and one feature has changed the way millions of people perceive technology. More about them, in the next section!

Cracking the Code: How Technology Shapes My Happiness Story

In the miscommunication between you and your tech-other-half, you have missed out on many opportunities where you could find the answer to, “What is the reason of my happiness?” Don't be confused, your tech-other-half is a device like smartphone or laptop; whichever you like to spend more of your time with.

After this out of the way, let's introduce you to some technological advancements that you'll love. After you are using them, you'll have only one thing to say, “I choose to be happy!” Here we will discuss 5 of them, they are:

1. A Soft Murmur:

Think of a club night and you are enjoying the DJ. Soft Murmur is the same, only that you can control what your ears hear. Thus, setting the music to your mood and requirements. You get with A Soft Murmur:

  • Customizable ambient sounds mixer.
  • Variety of nature sounds and atmospheres.
  • Timer for setting the duration of sounds.

The application currently has over “500K+” downloads. 

2. Smiling Mind:

Have you heard, “Take a chill pill?” Smiling Mind is like that chill pill for your mind. It doesn't judge; it just guides you to your happy place. It gives you the perfect answer to, “What is the reason of my happiness?” With this application you get:

  • Mindfulness programs for all age groups.
  • Personalized meditation sessions.
  • Mood tracking and progress.

The application currently has over “1M+” downloads. 

3. Calm:

Imagine a zen master, what did you imagine? Your imagination is brought to reality by Calm, the zen master on demand. It has bedtime stories for adults, minus the "once upon a time" drama. With this application you get: 

  • Sleep stories narrated by soothing voices.
  • Guided meditations for stress relief.
  • Calming music and nature sounds for relaxation.

The application currently has over “50M+” downloads. 

4. Forest:

“What is the reason for my happiness?” If you think of an answer to this question, you'll never imagine working/studying for hours. Right? But, Forest makes working fun by introducing the ability to plant trees. Beware! You'll not be able to mindlessly scroll your phone or the plant dies. This application gets you:

  • Focus mode to plant virtual trees.
  • Gamified productivity tracking.
  • Ability to compete with friends for focus streaks.

The application currently has over “10M+” downloads. 

5. Glance smart Lock Screen:

“Okay fine, you have red fruits, you will reduce your aging,” Hemant, a 19 years old B.Com. student, told his mum, who was worried about her aging. But, how did he know this lesser known fact that added to his mum’s happiness? It's courtesy of Glance smart lock screen. 

Now when Hemant’s mom ponders over the question, “What is the reason of my happiness?” she thinks of the red-fruit suggested by facts on Glance! Similarly, when you’ll think, “What is the reason of my happiness?” You'll not search for an answer. You'll search for your phone and glance at its lock screen. It'll be your source of instant joy! How? By being your 

  • Playmate
  • Gossip-mate
  • Shopping-buddy and much more

Glance’s current user base if of 220 million worldwide. 

After this brief face-to-face with Glance smart lock screen, you'd want to get to the core, click here and find all about it!  

Technology: Your, “I Choose to be Happy” Moment!

Oftentimes we are so involved in the negatives of something that we desperately try to overlook the positives. Same is true for humans trying to avoid the positives of technology; being negligent of the happiness it brings. But, with this article you have the answer for, “What is the reason for my happiness?”

Don't you think that you should forward this knowledge and be the answer to their question, “What is my happiness?” Then in time, together you'll be able to say, “I choose to be happy!”