Dec 20, 2023

Guide to Glance on Vivo

To all the 400 million vivo smartphone users, you have got a great deal with Glance smart lock screen! If you are still in search of “the perfect lock screen,” your search will end here! Why? Because Glance smart lock screen brings you a plethora of options, choose what suits.

Wondering where this “Glance feature” is? Well, it's right there, on your smartphones, in-built to make your life easier and your lock screen smarter! If you are questioning the life-changing effects of Glance on Vivo, keep reading this article, you'll have all your answers by the end!

Meet Glance Smart Lock Screen for Vivo: Beyond the Basics

When we say “beyond the basics” we mean something very prominent. It's not a new color of wallpaper. It's not an exclusive picture or is it? Well, what Glance smart lock screen means is:

  • A smart lock screen technology from India that first launched in the year 2019.
  • A lock screen for your Vivo smartphone that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • 200+ million users in India are already reaping benefits of this revolutionary lock screen.
  • It's available in other smartphones like Samsung, MI, Realme, Oppo, and Motorola.

So, Vivo users, you are not only helping yourself get a smart lock screen that's both cool and smart. If you make your friends with android smartphones aware about Glance, you will be helping them too!

Don't you want to be that one person who everyone looks up to for advice? Think about it! Meanwhile, read below to strengthen your knowledge about Glance.

What Makes Glance on Vivo Stand Out?

When we imagine the phrase “Stand-Out,” we mostly imagine something standing alone. Right? As a pioneer in smart lock screen technology, Glance stands-out naturally. It does the same with its presence on the Vivo smartphones by:

  1. Being more than a wallpaper
  2. Being a personal window to look within you
  3. Being your recluse from a stressful moment
  4. Being your personal brand on your Vivo smartphone
  5. Being your source of inspiration to continue

And this is just the start because there's no end of what Glance smart lock screen can be for you. It's more of a YOU experience than a WE experience.

So, why not turn on Glance and see for yourself?!

Always Fresh with Updates: Glance on Vivo

When you have a lock screen, you do not have any guarantee of updates. But, with Glance smart lock screen on Vivo, you get updates every now and then. Alongside, you also get:

  1. “Carousel Wallpapers” option: Choose wallpapers that intrigue you more than others and have a slideshow 24*7.
  2. Get new wallpapers without the hassle of buying or searching for them online.
  3. Having trouble with something in Glance on Vivo, let the feedback option know!

Adding Fun to Technicalities: Glance Smart Lock Screen

All the technicalities aside, what does a human being truly desire? A meaningful life, one where things are easier, to your expectations and fun. Isn't that right?

It's unrealistic, we all know that. But, Glance on Vivo doesn't! We are committed to bringing you everything you desire, right on your phone's lock screen wallpapers! Find out how in the points below:

  • Glance on Vivo: For the Knowledge Seekers!

    See if you can relate:

    Your Curiosity:

    “Any information is good information. But, where do I get something credible?”

    “I wonder what's the job market like these days?”

    Glance Answers:

    Reading Books: Books tend to have CREDIBLE information.
    Sound Engineer: The demand for sound engineers has been skyrocketing.

  • Glance on Vivo: For Self-Improvement Enthusiasts!

    If not the first criteria, do you fit the one below:

    Your Curiosity:

    “How can I improve myself and seek more appreciation at work?”

    “Making a career is getting competent by the day, which skill will make me stand out?”

    Glance Answers:

    Work Appreciation: Engaging in self-reflection before taking action.
    Career Competencies: Effective Communication as a competency for employment.

  • Glance on Vivo: For Home Decor Enthusiasts!

    There's also a 3rd set of enthusiasts on Glance. Read below for more information:

    Your Curiosity:

    “A small apartment is a pain, how can I decorate it without overstuffing?”

    “Oh well, coffee techniques at home, isn't that as good as home decor?”

    Glance Answers:

    Home Decor Solutions: Less is more when dealing with a small apartment.
    Brewing Coffee: Experiment with pouring techniques.

  • Glance on Vivo: For the Travel Buffs!

    See if you can relate to the one below:

    Your Curiosity:

    “Gulmarg has some picturesque scenes, I would love to see some shots!”

    “I heard the UK is a beautiful place to explore, but where to start?”

    Glance Answers:

    Picturesque Location: A beautiful scene, shot in Gulmarg.
    #Daily Spotlight: UK’s serene holiday destinations.

  • Glance on Vivo: For Cricket Fans!

    Cricket isn't a game; it's a community of enthusiastic fans. Glance entertains them too, read below:

    Your Curiosity:

    “I'm just curious about Cricket, anything new?”

    Glance Answers:

    Captain Mayank's Triumph: Captain Mayank smacks 63 in Deodhar Trophy final.
    SKY's Record Chase: SKY on the verge of completing 100 sixes in T20Is.
    Strategic Insight: India's probable XI for 1st T20I vs West Indies.
    WI vs IND: Key battles to watch out for in 1st T20I.

  • Glance on Vivo: For Football Enthusiasts!

    Glance lock screen also covers football, how? Read below:

    Your Curiosity:

    “Football is something I really love to follow. Where can I get credible and interesting information about the sport?”

    Glance Answers:

    Fabinho's Move: Al-Ittihad signed Liverpool's Fabinho for €40 million.

Glance knows you are curious about something, even before you know it. All the courtesy of the artificial intelligence and machine learning it uses. Don't you want to see what Glance has for you? Enable Glance on Vivo now, follow the steps mentioned here!

Your Vivo Lock Screen Makeover: Let's Wrap Up the Glance Magic!

Ready to give your Vivo a makeover? Glance is more than a lock screen; it's your daily companion for fun and knowledge. Swipe into a world of surprises, from Captain Mayank's cricket triumph to Fabinho's football move. Turn on Glance, and let your Vivo screen shine with simplicity and creativity. Set the Glance smart lock screen magic free!