Nov 6, 2023

Glance Joins Hands with Bigg Boss: A Digital Revolution in Reality TV

Glance is home to 220 million worldwide users and this year , we have decided to go "All Bigg Boss." That is correct, all you Bigg Boss fanatics out there. Your favorite TV reality show, Bigg Boss, is here. But, there's a twist in the mix. And there's no one better to bring a revolutionary twist than Glance. Glance- the very first revolutionary smart lock screen technology - is in Bigg Boss, for the long haul. For the exact number of days Big Boss 17, the reality TV show will run, you'll get to see Glance involved. 

Glance smart lock screen  is all over Bigg Boss 17. Bigg Boss was and will remain the king of reality TV shows. Especially with Glance and its surprises in the mix. It's going to be a fun 3 months. Equally for both the Bigg Boss 17 fans and Glance users; also the fans of reality TV! 

When you think of Bigg Boss 17, you will be bound to think of Glance. Glance smart lock screen has something for both. The contestant's aid and your assistant, that's the Glance lock screen, this Bigg Boss season. For a better understanding of this almost perfect, god-made union of Glance and Bigg Boss, read the article below.

Glance Smart Lock Screen: Reality TV on your "unlocked" screen!

Gone are the days of watching reality TV show after "unlocking" your smartphone. With Glance, you can have that experience, right on your lock screen! Yes. Watching an entire episode is intriguing. But, can you keep watching 24/7? You have a life, don't you? While you have your life going, there's so much that's happening in the Bigg Boss 17 house.

There's good news from Glance (Your smart lock screen partner). We will get you all these updates, right on your lock screen. Without any fuss, without any bluff! It's time to drop the misleading news portals and relax. Glance has got your back! 

Glance, the Strategy Angle, and Bigg Boss: A New and Refined Reality TV Show

Bigg Boss Earlier: Followed a similar format since Bigg Boss 1. Had a little change in storytelling, but, in the end, the goal was the same. There were contestants, tasks, Bigg Boss, nomination, and elimination through vote. Not to mention, there was Salman Khan and Weekend Ka Vaar. Nothing more interesting than watching Salman holding Contestants accountable for their actions.

Bigg Boss Presently: Same as old times. Nothing much changed except for the revolutionary introduction of a giant smartphone with the Glance smart lock screen. Here contestants play smart, and Bigg Boss doesn't play fair or does he? Seeing all the madhouse fun and strategic moves, you will be bound to say: "Ye smart hai Boss!"

Glance with Bigg Boss 17 Contestants: Never Before in a Reality TV Show!

What's the one thing TV reality shows are known for? Apart from the realistic approach of course. It's their commitment to being fair. That's what is different in Bigg Boss this year. Bigg Boss will help select contestants this year through Glance! With Bigg Boss in the game, isn't this going to be much more fun?

Glance smart lock screen will be there to help. It'll result in some contestants strengthening their game while some will fall weak. But, who knows? Maybe it'll be a switch just the next week. Bigg Boss will be unpredictable and that'll only add to the overall experience. When was Bigg Boss predictable anyway? Never. But, Glance users, the Glance smart lock screen has surprises for you!

Glance in Bigg Boss 17: Reality TV Show but Something is Different

Yes. Something is wrong. And it's Bigg Boss. He's playing biased this season.Some contestants are getting advantage of updates through Glance. Every contestant will be on their own or maybe not. But, you'll never know.

Glance has a strategy: Reality TV Contestants have the Brain

The contestants on Bigg Boss 17 house in the "House of Strategy" are getting the Glance benefit. What's Glance's benefit? It's:

  • Tips
  • Insider insights
  • In-House News and Updates 

Utilizing them the contestants are eligible to crack the perfect strategy for Bigg Boss to win. Or at present, the task wins. 

Glance Smart Lock Screen: All Quick and Accessible Live Shows on Reality TV

Glance always had LIVE shows but this year Glance will have 30 Live shows running. All for Bigg Boss. These will be hosted by your favorite streamers. And here you will get a chance to join the Bigg Boss Community on Glance. Together with them, you will get to do a lot of fun stuff like discussions on:

  • smart gameplay
  • daily inspirations  
  • joyful adventures

This tech twist to your favorite reality show will help you make predictions on who's on top. How? With the help of quizzes and polls in these Live Shows. Lastly, you have the contests, your chance to meet Salman Khan. Don't miss it , participate in the contests and keep updated on all the Bigg Boss ups and downs with Glance. 

Glance Smart Lock Screen: Magnifies Beyond Bigg Boss Reality TV

Apart from Bigg Boss news, Glance has more to itself. The tagline, "har pal kuch new," is the right description of the Glance lock screen. It attracts 250 million users daily, not because of Bigg Boss updates only. Glance has more to offer. This includes:

  • Games
  • Live streams
  • Magnificent Wallpapers
  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Music
  • Content in 7 local languages for India (Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, etc.) 

Glance and Big Boss 17: Reality TV Shows are Not the Same Anymore!

Bigg Boss 17 and Glance have come together to start a ripple effect of revolution in reality shows. With the first mover's advantage, they are killing it! Although Bigg Boss has always been different from other reality shows, it's far more different now, with Glance in the mix. It has the technology and the human brain put against each other. 

In better terms the Contestants with Tips  from Glance vs the Contestants without the Tips from Glance. It will be a very iconic victory on any part! Above all, it will be the best experience for the Bigg Boss fans. They don't have to worry about anything anymore. All their updates are one Glance away! Won't you like to be a part of this feast? Enable Glance and enjoy personalized updates for yourself. To enable Glance:

Firstly, you'll open the "Settings" option on your smartphone. Then go ahead and click on "Display" or "Lock Screen." It can be different for different smartphones. So, it can go like first Display then Lock Screen. Now find the Glance option in the menu, if not available, skim the Lock screen, and the drop-down menus. At last, check the box, or toggle where it is written: "Enable Glance." It can be different for different smartphone types.