Dec 20, 2023

Guide to Glance on Oppo

Your guide to Glance smart lock screen on oppo

A smartphone has been a real game changer, won't you agree? If not for them, we wouldn't have so many options like video calls, group chats, and whatnot. But, most importantly, Oppo smartphone users, would we have those beautifully personal lock screens? Not at all. What if we tell you that now these lock screens are smart with the Glance smart lock screen? Yes, they are not just your average wallpaper; they can now be your personal recluse to —everything you love!

Confused, aren't you? Don't worry, it's a long way ahead, hold on till the end, you'll get the hang of it! Without any delay, let's get to it!

Meeting Glance: Your Oppo Lock Screen Revolution

Lock screens, you have all heard of "Glance smart lock screen," you are about to hear of. After a long wait, Glance is ready to make the lives of Oppo smartphone users smarter! What's Glance? Glance is:

  • A technology that sprouted in a start-up from India that is InMobi.
  • Glance was first launched in the year 2019.
  • Glance smart lock screen is an in-built technology and requires no downloading.
  • Glance has 200+ million active users in India. (Why? You'll find out in the upcoming sections.)
  • Glance is readily available across 400 million devices in the Asian subcontinent.

Glance has made significant progress during its 5 years of existence. But, you should know how it makes your life significant. For that, keep reading.

Why Glance Shines on Oppo?

The question needs some correction. Glance doesn't shine on Oppo. Glance smart lock screen is shiny enough to make your Oppo lock screen shine brighter than the North Star. You can feel free to consider it as an exaggeration till you'll find out "how?"

Glance is not just another lock screen wallpaper you download and set as your still wallpaper, for days and then get tired. Glance is more about a group of wallpapers that exist to scream at you that "Your Preferences Matter!"

Glance smart lock screen is:

  • Personalized
  • Considerate
  • Receptive
  • Responsive

Everything you want your phone to be, Glance smart lock screen can handle it alone —without a screen Unlock! All you need to do is spare a glance. One glance is enough to help you relax and smile.

Always Up-to-Date: Glance Smart Lock Screen on Oppo

If you imagine your lock screen wallpaper, do you think of it changing as per your evolving tastes? Or maybe changing just cause you're not in that mood right now? Probably not. When it comes to Glance smart lock screen, there are options. Glance is not a mind-reader, but using artificial intelligence and machine learning, it has ways to give you what you desire. This includes:

  • Wallpaper sets that resonate with you on a personal level.
  • Option for updates. A new experience, every now and then, everyone enjoys that, right?
  • Space for your queries. If you have a problem, you just need to tell it, it'll be resolved.
  • Some information is more interesting than the other. You'll get the information that suits your interests only.

You keep swiping, there's a new experience with every swipe. It's new but not irrelevant. Learn more about Glance smart lock screen wallpaper on Oppo in the below section.

Adding Joy to Tech: Glance on Oppo

Glance is a smart lock screen technology, but it's far from boring. The Glance smart lock screen wallpapers on Oppo can be anything you want them to be. For instance:

Your Personal Cooking Guide

Wallpaper: A caption that teases, "Your favorite Dal Makhani" accompanied by an image that makes the mouth water!

Read more: Everything about how you can cook mouth-watering "Dal Makhani."

Only for you, the cooking enthusiast, because Glance smart lock screen monitors your preferences.

Your Advisor in Hard Times

Wallpaper: A reassuring message like "Navigating Career Crossroads" + An image with a compass pointing the way.

Read more: Clicking here will mean a 3 to 5 minutes read into "how you can navigate this crossroad?"

This wallpaper isn't just about reassurance, it's also about showing you the right way. It'll show up, only if you want it to. Glance smart lock screen is considerate like that!

Your Passport to Jaw-Dropping Landscapes

Wallpaper: Tempting caption, "Explore UK's Serene Holiday Destinations" + An Image of a picturesque British landscape.

Read more: Here you'll find destinations you didn't know, but will love!

Don't worry, not a travel enthusiast? This wallpaper will not adorn your lock screen!

Are these the only way Glance smart lock screen on Oppo fends to your needs? Of course not! There's more, explore them yourself and be surprised! To turn on Glance smart lock screen on Oppo, read the subsection below.

Activating Glance Smart Lock Screen on Oppo: Effortless as 1-2-3

Glance smart lock screen has tons of nuances to offer that will make your Oppo smartphone lock screen more fun and exciting. If you want to experience the magic, follow the steps below:

  • Open "Settings" on your Oppo smartphone.
  • Click on the "Home Screen & Lock Screen" option.
  • Search and click on the option reading "Lock Screen Magazines."
  • Here, turn on the "Lock Screen Magazines" by toggling the button to the right side.
  • Lastly, turn off your phone and turn it on to the Glance experience!

Revitalizing Your Oppo Lock Screen with Glance Smart Lock Screen!

Your Oppo lock screen game gets 100x with Glance smart lock screen. It's not your regular wallpaper – it's like a buddy that gets you. Fancy a tasty recipe or need career advice? Glance has your back. No tech headaches – just tweak a few settings, and boom! Enable Glance on your Oppo smartphone now, it's like a mini party every time you glance at your phone!