Feb 2, 2024

Smartly Happy: How Intelligent Surfaces Affirm Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a choice andGlance lock screen also reaffirms that.

“Smart Technology,” when you think of these two words, what's the first object that comes to your mind? Most of us will answer: A smartphone. It's only right when the 6.84 billion smartphone users worldwide outnumber the 2 billion computer users worldwide.

But, why a smartphone and not a computer? Because it's succinct; more convenient and has more features. Not the features that we need to do the oh-so-boring work, but the features that make us feel, “happiness is a choice” at the end of the day.

Who said happiness is a choice? Millions of people around the world. If you'll not believe us now, the article below will definitely help you understand people's, “happiness is a choice story.” Different features, apps and technologies, all exist to make you realize the same.

The Power of Saying Yes to Joy: Happiness is a Choice

Saying yes to joy brings you way closer to achieving it than you get by imagining it. That's why, “happiness is a choice.” Let's take the “glass half empty or glass half full example.”

In case someone chooses to be happy, they'll see that,

“The glass is half full.”

While on the other hand, a person who is waiting for happiness will disapprove and say:

“The glass is half empty.”

Just like some of you smartphone users will use its smart technology to prove that happiness is a choice. But, there will always be people who'll reject happiness. Think. Which one are you?

Who Dared to Declare: Happiness is not by chance but by choice?

“Happiness is not by chance but by choice,” this phrase was declared by Jim Rohn. Who's he? If that's your question, you are in for a treat because many people today are dreaming to be him; an entrepreneur. As per a 2021 survey by Junior Achievement USA,

“60% of teens would prefer to start a business over having a traditional job.”

Now, what does this have to do with the fact that happiness is by choice? Jim Rohn was also a motivational speaker; he inspired millions to be wealthy and find their happiness.

When we say “find happiness,” it only affirms the phrase, “happiness is a choice.” What do you think? Oh and if you are wondering where we are getting all this life advice, then you can get them too! Where? On Glance smart lock screen; no unlocking required, it's the lock screen at work! Apart from this, you can try other platforms like Google, Google Scholar, Kuku FM, etc. For the book lovers, there are books like: The Happiness Hypothesis, The Art of Happiness, etc.

Happiness is a Choice Story: DIY Edition

“Happiness is a choice” like this article, people must be feeding the same phrase to your system. Are we wrong? But, unlike them, we will present to you, YOUR OWN: Happiness is a Choice Story! Because happiness is not by chance but by choice, every person's definition of happiness also has to vary greatly. If you are finding it hard to believe us, then see the magic happen as you read through the below sections. Wherever your smile breaks into an ear-to-ear grin, that'll be your perfect answer to, “Who said happiness is a choice?”

Happiness is a Choice: For a Nature Lover

When outside in nature, do you feel like you are at home? Okay, let's rephrase, “Do you feel at home?”

The view of the beautiful birds, icy snow tops, all-to-green hills, does it make your heart flutter? Alas! You cannot live there forever, but who's stopping nature to live in your smartphones? No one. That's right. With these smart surfaces at your beck and call, you'll have nature with you, every time.

Do you know 95% of people think that their depression, anxiety, stress goes away when spending time in nature? These emotions have become a constant in our lives, but for some, nature isn't as easily accessible as others. This is all the more reason for you to implement the, “happiness is a choice” theory in your life.

You might not have the luxury of nature at your disposal. But, no one is denying you access to your own devices. They are made for your convenience and betterment of life. The more you look at them and search for your happiness is a choice story, the more you'll realize, they're not inherently life-draining. They were meant to elevate your life experiences, not deflate your balloon of happiness.

Look at it this way. You have an HD picture of Mount Kailash on your phone. It looks as if you are there. The emotions you'll feel at that point will be:

  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Admiration
  • Awe
  • Tranquility
  • Fascination
  • Wonder

Finally, you'll experience a sense of connection to nature and beauty.

Something that's the reason for happiness and a stress-free life for many. So, when you choose to look at the HD smart lock screen wallpaper on your smartphone, you choose to be happy. Hence, happiness is not by chance but by choice.

Happiness is a Choice: For a Gaming Enthusiast

A gamer's, “Happiness is a choice story” takes a 180° turn when compared to nature lovers. But, smart surfaces and technologies aren't there to differentiate. If your cloud nine is gaming, then you get gaming! The sensory stimulus that comes with games is unmatched, aren't we right gamers?

But, how to manage the time and say, “happiness is not by chance but by choice?” This is where many of you will face the problem and give up without a solution. It's where some of you will remember that happiness is a choice.

In that case, you'll not make excuses; you'll find solutions. Some will find a gaming parlor, they have the time! Some will find the game boards, they have the collection! And some will find their smartphone, they have Glance Smart Lock Screen!

Happiness is a Choice: For the “I'm Up-to-Date People”

The itch you feel on not knowing scores of your favorite sport during working hours is unmatched. Won't you agree? Well, if “happiness is a choice” then my choice is “I want the scores!”

At times like this, all you do is get more frustrated from the work than you already were. Around 40% of the workforce already thinks that their job is extremely stressful. Imagine what'll happen when they do not get the bare minimum, a score to their favorite match. Is it too much to ask? It's not.

You have every right to say bye to your frustrations and shake hands with your, “happiness is a choice story.” For some, it can be a call from their relatives. For some, it can be a message from their colleague watching cricket at home. For some, it can be a friend who's a fan just like them. Finally, for some, it can be the smart surface, their smart lock screen; Glance.

Happiness is a Choice: For the “Shopping is Therapy People”

“There's this product in the market that I have been meaning to buy, but I have neither time nor a good deal.” Is this you? Shopping is tiresome for some, but a true shopaholic knows the joy that resides in it.

62% of shoppers bought something to cheer themselves up.”

A person who wants to cheer themselves up, understands that, “happiness is a choice.” So, why shouldn't you choose your happiness? Work or not, shopping till your heart's content comes first. Go and shop at all the malls, if you have time. Ask your friend to shop for something good for you. The excitement is going to be the necessary push for you. But, for that first-hand experience, you'll need to be there yourself. Now, how to be there when you aren't physically there? Then comes the smart surfaces, they'll bring the shop to you, even at your lock screen. Don't believe us? Try turning on Glance smart lock screen!

Smart Surfaces: The Happy Hack!

Here happiness is not by chance but by choice. Why? It might be a chance event that you got an update you desperately needed from someone. But, smart surfaces like Glance smart lock screen, will give you what you want, making your “happiness is a choice story” shine brighter than light.

If you are feeling sad, lost, anxious, overwhelmed, and need a recluse, smart surfaces are your answer! Like the 62% of people who say, “tech had a ‘mostly positive impact’ on their quality of life,” you should also choose smart technology to increase your quality of life and be happier than before!